Football's richest clubs: how they have evolved since 2007

General Stats has published this dynamic graph showing the evolution of the richest clubs over the last decade or so.


It is common among football fans to boast about, or cast assertions towards, each other's clubs if they have more or less money than its opponents. Just like politics the argument can be twisted to suit the chosen narrative.

Now, thanks to General Stats, this data can be seen even more clearly with an interactive graph on the evolution over the last few years.

In it, clear conclusions can be reached, such as that Real Madrid and Barcelona are the richest clubs on the planet, but that there hasn't been much of a difference between the two as there might have been believed before. Note also that Atlético Madrid may be leading the way in LaLiga ahead of the big two, but can't even get onto this list.

How the covid-19 pandemic impacts over the coming seasons only time will tell.