When is the MLS transfer deadline?

Major League Soccer is just days away from the opening match between Houston and San Jose, but the transfer window will reamin open for a few more weeks

MLS trade deadline
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The 26th season of the MLS is only days away from kicking off. The league is growing in prestige, and in quality and one of the biggest reasons for the rise in profile and audience is the arrival of legendary names that have come States side in transfer windows past.

Past transfer windows have transcended the MLS

Names like Beckham, Ibra, Pirlo, Vela and Chicharito have come to Major League Soccer after long, successful careers in Europe and shined a spotlight on American soccer.

With the affects of covid-19 still taking a tole on the league, the start of the season has been moved back to the 17th of April. We are in the midst of the first transfer window of the season, which began on March 10th. There have already been some big names moving and shaking the power balance in the league. Samuel Grandsir will be wearing an LA Galaxy kit this season coming from AS Monaco.

Arnor Ingvi Traustason is another name to keep an eye on. The Icelandic midfielder has signed with the New England Revolution after two years at Malmo.

The transfer window stays open into June

There is still time for plenty for headlines before the transfer window closes. The first of the two transfer deadlines will come on the first of June, almost a month after it was originally planned.

The second window is when we typically see the mega money moves made, with some of the biggest names in the games making the trip across the pond. After the European season’s come to an end the people in the front office get to work to see if they can attract some of the glitziest stars of the game to the MLS.

The second transfer window opens on July 7 and closes on August 5th.