Koeman aims barb at Tebas: "Our timetable hasn't changed, despite our complaints"

Koeman added that he sees himself still in the Barcelona job next season: "Until anyone suggests otherwise, they have shown faith in me".

Ronald Koeman faced the media to preview tomorrow's LaLiga game against Villarreal. Barcelona, who are third on 68 points, are still in the title race.

Will Barcelona be treating this game as though it is a final?

We know that there are seven games left to play and for us, like the other three teams in the top places, we have to win. If you don't win, you will have less chances of winning the league. I think that's quite clear.

Barcelona beat Villarreal 4-0 in the reverse fixture at Camp Nou...

A long time has passed since then. They play good football and have quality up front, they have been showing in Europe that they are a strong side. They have until Thursday to prepare for their tie against Arsenal. It'll be an interesting game.

Are you concerned about the amount of games that Messi, Alba and De Jong are playing?

I'm not worried. We have the data on those players and we are training less so that they have more time to recover between matches.

Is this the toughest away game Barcelona will face between now and the end of the season?

I don't think so. Every game presents its own difficulties and we are fully focused and with energy. No away game is more complicated than any other. Every team faces a lot of different difficulties. We are all fighting for something. Villarreal are a quality side and play good football.

UEFA's president continues to threaten Barça. Are you worried that those threats could persuade Messi to leave?

It's not going to change much. We spoke at length about the Super League the other day. We will be leaving it. It's not the right moment. There are more important things on our minds than talking about threats or punishment from UEFA. We have to look at our own fixtures list and focus on the games we have left.

Four teams are fighting for LaLiga. Do you think Barcelona can win all of the remaining seven games?

Any of the four teams could. Now, there is no room to slip up as the others could win all of their games. We will need to take a lot of points from the remaining seven games to become champions.

Has the club given you any signs that you will continue as Barça coach next season?

As I have said many times before, the president has always shown me his support and belief. Until that changes, I'll continue here. Basically, I see myself as coach next season. I am also under contract. If that wasn't the case, we'd need to discuss it.

Out of the four teams battling for LaLiga, Barcelona have had the least rest

I've spoken about that on other occasions. I haven't seen any chances to our timetable in spite of our complaints. So we just have to keep going.

Are you happy to be playing before Atlético?

I don't know whether it is better or not to play first because the only thing that counts is winning games. My team has to be ready for every situation.