How to score the Clear Health Pass covid-19 vaccine passport?

US stadiums and airlines are encouraging customers to download the covid-19 vaccine passport app from Clear to speed vaccination proof for entry.

How to score the Clear Health Pass covid-19 vaccine passport?

The Clear is known for its airport security fast lanes but with the introduction of the Clear Health Pass covid-19 vaccine passport, it is poised to join the Excelsior Pass for use in the US to provide users with a way to digitally verify their vaccination status when required.

Clear is one of the coronavirus health app frontrunners, according to the company over 70,000 Health Passes are used for venue admission weekly nationwide. Although currently the app can only show a negative covid-19 test, the app will begin to verify vaccination status shortly.

Where is Clear Health Pass for covid-19 being used?

Some Major League Baseball teams are already establishing vaccination-only sections, where fully vaccinated fans ages 16 and up will need to present proof that at least two weeks have passed since their final vaccine dose. In the case that they are underage and not eligible to be vaccinated, they must prove they tested negative for covid-19 within the last 72 hours.

Over 60 sports stadiums in the US will use the Clear app for guests’ convenience as an alternative to paper proof that will now be required to prove they tested negative for the virus or are immunized against it. Clear has also teamed up with Delta and United Airlines for flights to Hawaii from Los Angeles, and will be used for flights between islands. The Venetian resort in Las Vegas will use the app to check guests upon entry to conventions.

Where to download the Clear Health Pass

To get the Clear Health Pass you must visit the company's webpage and fill out a one-time enrollment online form then finish at a CLEAR location, (at airports, stadiums and other venues) no appointment is necessary. You will need to present a valid government-issued ID to complete the enrollment. You can download the app from the Google Play or Apple’s App Store.