Chelsea's Havertz: "I don't give a fuck about that!"

Chelsea's Havertz: "I don't give a fuck about that!"
Jose Coelho - Pool Getty Images

Chelsea's Kai Havertz could not contain himself as he was interviewed live on television pitchside. But he had a pretty good reason for swearing in front of the watching millions.

Havertz 'doesn't give a fuck!'

When the reporter asked the German midfielder about his goal - the only one of the match - potentially paying back the club for making him the most expensive player signed in their history, he responded quickly and passionately.

“To be honest right now I couldn’t give a fuck about that. I just won the fucking Champions League.”

The reporter was quick to apologise to viewers for the 'fruity language' used, but if anyone was offended by that, especially a guy not speaking in his native tongue...