$1M Louisiana Vaccine Lottery: how to enter and sign up

With less than fifty percent of adults partially vaccinated, Louisiana becomes the latest state to launch a vaccine lottery. We took a look at how to enter.

$1M Louisiana Vaccine Lottery: how to enter and sign up

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards made news this past week for two major announcements. The first was the ending of federal pandemic unemployment benefits, making him the first Democratic leader to make the move.

The second was the launch of the state’s vaccine lottery, dubbed “Shot At A Million. Louisiana is the latest state to encourage its residents to get vaccinated against covid-19 by offering them a chance to win one million dollars.

How to register

On 17 June, Gov. Edwards announced the program and instructed residents who have received at least one shot of a covid-19 vaccine to register for the drawing at

For those who do not have access to the internet, registration for the lottery can be done over the phone by calling 877-356-1511.

What prizes are available? When are the drawings?

Five drawings will take place throughout the summer. The first of five drawings will take place on Wednesday 14 July. To be eligible, residents must register by Friday 8 July. This pattern will be continued throughout July and early August.

During the first four weekly drawings, the state will award one $100,000 scholarship to a resident under the age of eighteen who has received a shot. Also, one adult winner will be selected to take home the $100,000 cash prize.

The grand prize drawings are set to take place on 4 August will award one adult the $1,000,000 grand prize and five $100,000 scholarships will also be distributed.

Why is Louisiana starting a vaccine lottery?

President Biden is hoping to see at least seventy percent of adults at least partially vaccinated by the Fourth of July. At 47.8% of adults having received one dose, the state is far from reaching this goal. Since the program was announced, about .10% of the adult population has gotten their shot each day. This rate is roughly the same as the week before the lottery was announced.

In the coming weeks, the impact the program will have on vaccination rates will become more clear. However, rates of vaccination for those under eighteen have continued to grow in recent days and weeks.