Olympic Games

Kevin Durant: "We were more physical than France"

Team USA lost to France 83-76 in the Tokyo Olympic Games, making the first USA loss since 2004, but Durant says his team was the better physical team.

USA’s 25-game Olympic winning streak ended on Sunday with a loss to France in Tokyo. Kevin Durant says he thinks his team performed better physically, but that they need to play smarter.

Team USA ends winning streak and needs to perform better as a team

Evan Fournier, whose 3-pointer off a broken play put France ahead in the final minute, agrees that the Americans are better individually. “But they can be beaten as a team,” he said.

In the last two years, France won against the U.S. in the Basketball World Cup quarterfinals. The Americans fell to 53-4 in the Olympics, even with NBA players filling their roster. Winning the gold at this point isn’t impossible, but it’s unlikely.