Messi and his kids wow millions with ronda skills

The Argentinian soccer player uploaded this video to his Instagram account showing him playing soccer with his kids on his last day of vacation.


Lionel Messi is one of the best soccer players we've seen, arguably ever. He's scored almost 700 goals and won 34 trophies with Barcelona. He's 34 years old though, and though he's still playing at an extremely high level, we can assume that won't last forever.

The Messi legend could live on

Perhaps Messi's legend will live on with any or all of his three sons, Thiago (eight years old), Mateo (five), and Ciro (three). In this video that he uploaded to his Instagram, we can see some talent from Mateo already at just five years old, whose able to keep the ball away from another little one and has a decent kick!