Cheers of "Messi, Messi" lift the Parc des Princes roof

Fans at Parc de Princes cheered loud for Lionel Messi as he walked on the field before the game against Srasbourg to express his gratitude and excitement.

Though the ex Barcelona star did not play on Saturday night at PSG's first game against Strasbourg, the crowd went just as wild for Lionel Messi. Before the start of the game, Messi was presented to the fans and entered into the stadium to chants of "Leo! Messi!" as he ran out.

Messi speaks about his excitement

Messi's first words to fans were about how excited he is for this new chapter in his life. He expressed his gratitude to the fans for making his arrival so special and is ready to make great things happen with PSG.

PSG defeated Strasbourg 4-2 in the opening game at Parc de Princes.