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Rivere blames Marseille players for chaos that ensued during the game

Jean-Pierre Rivere and Pablo Longoria have very different views on the clash that happened at Saturday's game after Nice fans stormed the field.

On Saturday, things got heated at the Nice vs. Marseille game when someone in the stands threw a water bottle on the field, which hit Marseille forward Dimitri Payet on the back of the head. Payet then threw the bottle back towards Nice fans, which resulted in both players and fans clashing on the field. Eventually the referee made the decision to take the teams off the field completely when things got out of control.

Clash amongst fans, players, and now the club presidents too

Marseille president Pablo Longoria said that he was worried after the referee said that safety was bot guaranteed. After spending nearly an hour in the locker room, the league decided to resume the game, but Longoria was not convinced this was a good idea. They refused to play again and eventually the game was called off completely.

Nice president Jean-Pierre Rivere, on the other hand, could not understand the issue. He said that the reason things escalated to the point they did in the first place was because of the reaction of the Marseile players.

In this interview, Rivere scratches his head in confusion, saying, "What is clear is that everyone has decided to resume the game. The regional head asked that the game resume, the police said there was no problem. I don't quite understand the decision of Marseille not to play."