Bills WRs McKenzie and Beasley fined for breaking Covid protocol

Two Buffalo Bills recievers were both fined by the NFL for violating the Covid-19 protocol. Both players went to twitter to announce their fines.

Bills WRs McKenzie and Beasley fined for breaking Covid protocol

The NFL has fined Buffalo Bill’s WR Cole Beasley an undisclosed amount, just days after forcing him to sit out five days of team activities because he came in close contact with a team employee who tested positive for Covid-19. Both, he and fellow receiver Isaiah McKenzie were fined for violating the NFL’s Covid-19 protocol.

Buffalo WRs take to Twitter after fines

In a tweet posted Thursday, McKenzie showed a letter the NFL sent to him detailing the infraction committed on Wednesday. The fine stems from the receiver's failure to wear a mask on a number of occasions at the Bills facility. The violation of protocol will cost McKenzie $14,650. The photo was captioned “They got me! @NFL you win!”

Beasley’s did not make the amount of his fine public, but the wide receiver claimed on Twitter that the he was disciplined for walking “literally 5 steps” with out a mask on his way from the entrance to the locker room.

Beasley one of four in midst of five day suspension

The fine comes just two days after Beasly and three others were sent home and forced to miss the next five days after coming in contact with a team trainer.

Apparently the NFL had already sent McKenzie a warning in late July saying that future violations would bring “increased discipline, including for conduct detrimental.”

"Don't worry they got me too," responded Beasly responded to McKenzie. "But I was wearing a mask when I was in close contact with fully vaxxed trainer who tested positive and still got sent home. So what's the point of the mask anyways? Meanwhile I'm here still testing negative and can't come back. Make it make sense."

Saftey No. 1 says Bills coach McDermott

"It's unfortunate when players get fined," said Bills coach Sean McDermott. "That being said, these rules have been agreed upon and in place and well-communicated for some time. And so it's important for us that we focus on being safe and healthy -- that's No. 1 and that's always been No. 1 -- and then No. 2 is doing our best to stay focused on the goal and the purpose of why we're here -- which is to win football games."

Among a list of other restrictions, unvaccinated players are required to wear masks around the facilities, and on road trips.

Dawkins spent four days in hospital with Covid

Three different Buffalo Bills have tested positive already this season including McKenzie and Beasley’s teammate Dion Dawkins who was hospitalized for four days the start of training camp.

Coach McDermott says that over 80% of his players have been vaccinated prior to the regular season, and has assured that a players decision to get vaccinated or not will not affect his decisions when it comes to final cuts. "That [choice of being vaccinated or not vaccinated] will not be a factor in deciding who stays and who goes," McDermott said.