Kahn's reaction to Bayern Munich playing Barcelona

Is that a hidden look of satisfaction? An attempt to maintain indifference? The German soccer executive doesn't seem worried to take on Barcelona.

Oliver Kahn, former German goalkeeper who and current CEO of Bayern Munich, was the representative of Bayern in the draw last night. During the draw, the cameras looked for Kahn in the audience, knowing Bayern was a possibility to play Barcelona. His reaction when Bayern is called is rather stoic, but it almost looks like he could be hiding a smile, as if he is quite satisfied, saying, "yes, of course, that's no problem."

Bayern Munich have won the last nine editions of the Bundesliga and have won the European championship six times. They are rivals to Barcelona and the last time they played, it was a beating to say the least. In a quarterfinal clash in Lisbon in 2020, Bayern defeated Barcelona 8-2. And now without Lionel Messi, Barcelona may be even less of a threat. Bayern is now under head coach Julian Nagelsmann since Hansi Fick left to work with the national team.