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Second $600 Golden State stimulus check: when will I receive it and how to track

California is issuing another round of stimulus checks as part of its comeback plan, here's how to find out if you're eligible and how much you could get.

Second $600 Golden State stimulus check: when will I receive it and how to track

The "California Comeback Plan" continues to provide relief aid in the form of stimulus checks to its residents, as part of what Gov Gavin Newsom's office is calling the "biggest state tax rebate in history".

The second Golden State Stimulus check mean some two-thirds of California taxpayers are eligible for a $600 payment, with some qualifying families receiving an additional $500.

Am I eligible for Golden State Stimulus II?

First up, the Second Golden State Stimulus is different to the first Golden State Stimulus, which went out earlier this year. Think of the second stimulus here as an expansion of one stimulus programme rather than rounds of stimulus, as we saw with the Federal stimulus program (where if you were eligible for one payment in general you would be eligible for all of them).

The first round of Golden State Stimulus went to those earning under $30,000, the second payment goes to those earning up to $75,000, with those who got a first payment ineligible for the second, unless they meet certain requirements.

Those taxpayers who received the first Golden State Stimulus check AND claim a dependent are eligible for a further $500 payment.

Note that for Golden State Stimulus II you need to have been a California resident for more than half of the 2020 tax year and must still be a California resident on the date the payment is issued. You also need to file your 2020 taxes by October 15, and obviously you can't be claimed as a dependent by another taxpayer.

How much is Golden State Stimulus II?

The standard Second Golden State Stimulus is a payment of $600.

If you qualified for the first payment and claimed a credit for one or more dependants the amount will be $500.

If you didn't qualify for the first payment and claimed a credit for one or more dependants the payment will be $1,100.

Note that if you have a Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN, which are issued by the IRS to individuals who need a taxpayer ID number but are not eligible for a Social Security number) your payment could be $1,000 if you qualified for the first payment and claimed a credit for one or more dependents.

Tracking my Golden State Stimulus Payment

Most recipients will be getting their payment by direct deposit with most of these electronic payments expected before October 15 (physical checks may come later, see below). Two million payments went out yesterday, so here's hoping yours is en route to your bank account right now.

The payments are going out every fortnight, with most going out before that October 15 date. The next batch is going out on October, according to the authorities.

In general, if you filed after August 20 then count on waiting at least 45 days for your return to be processed and a check issued.

If you don't have direct deposit set up then you will receive a paper check, if you do, then the money will be wired directly to your account.

The physical checks are coming out on a different timeframe, which is based on your ZIP code.

Physical Check Mailing Timeline

Last 3 digits of ZIP code

Mailing timeframes


10/04/2021 through 10/22/2021


10/18/2021 through 11/05/2021


11/1/2021 through 11/19/2021


11/15/2021 through 12/03/2021


11/29/2021 through 12/17/2021


12/13/2021 through 12/31/2021

Source: California Tax Franchise Board, 2021

Calculate your California Stimulus payment

Hats off to the CFTB, who have produced this useful tool to help you calculate your Second Golden State Stimulus amount. Before you start, make sure you've got information on your tax filing status, annual income, whether you file with a Social Security Number or an Individual Tax Identification Number, and information about your California residency.

Contacting the California Franchise Tax Board

The CFTB can be contacted through three main methods for any taxes or Golden State stimulus checks.


Representatives can assist California residents from 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time, Monday to Friday at 800-852-5711. For those residing outside of the US, 916-845-6500 can be used.


By signing into your MyFTB account, you can chat with representatives from the CFTB, weekdays between 8 AM to 5 PM.


Requests can also be handled through the mail. Those wishing to send questions, documents, or any other communications to the CFTB can address their correspondence to:

Franchise Tax Board

PO Box 942840

Sacramento CA 94240-0040