MLB playoffs: which team has the most home runs in a season? Full list

The 2019 season is one to remember as the Minnesota team smashed the league and set a new HR record of 307, one that is likely to live on for a while.

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Major League Baseball is composed of 30 teams, divided into two major leagues the National and the American, with 15 teams in each. These leagues are further divided into three subdivisions: East, Central and West.

MLB 2019: the home run record season

The 2019 MLB season is mostly remembered for being the home run record-breaking year as nearly half of all MLB teams, from both the National and American leagues, achieved their best results.

However, not only did fourteen teams beat their own previous number, but we witnessed one of the tightest record battles between the Minnesota Twins and the New York Yankees, ending with the Twins taking the lead by 1 HR and breaking the record set by the Yankees just one year earlier.

The Minnesota team and a host of competitors stamped their name in history on numerous occasions throughout the 2019 season, claiming five of the top 10 including the first four spots.

Twins in the lead with Yankees hot on their heels

Currently, the teams that top the HR record list are headed by the Minnesota twins with 307 HR in a season and the Yankees just behind them with a total of 306 homers. The third spot remains way behind those two, with the Houston Astros claiming 288, followed by Los Angeles Dodgers' 279, Seattle Mariners' 264, and Texas Rangers' 260.

The rest of the teams which have made the top 10 are composed of the Baltimore Orioles, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Oakland Athletics who triple tie with 257 home runs and then the Chicago Cubs with 256.

At the other end, the teams that have the lowest records are the Pittsburg Pirates with 171 and the Kansas City Royals with a total of 193.

Presented below are each teams' home run records in a single season.

Full season home run records by MLB teams:

MLB Team League Home Runs Year
Minnesotta Twins AL (Central) 307 2019
New York Yankees AL (East) 306 2019
Houston Astros AL (West) 288 2019
Los Angeles Dodgers NL (West) 279 2019
Seattle Mariners AL (West) 264 1997
Texas Rangers AL (West) 260 2005
Baltimore Oriols AL (East) 257 1996
Toronto Blue Jays AL (East) 257 2010
Oakland Athletics AL (West) 257 2019
Chicago Cubs NL (Central) 256 2019
Milwaukee Brewers NL (Central) 250 2019
Atlanta Braves NL (East) 249 2019
Boston Red Sox AL (East) 245 2019
Chicago White Sox AL (Central) 242 2004
New York Mets NL (East) 242 2019
Colorado Rockies NL (West) 239 1997
Los Angeles Angels AL (West) 236 2000
St. Louis Cardinals NL (Central) 235 2000
San Francisco Giants NL (West) 235 2001
Washington Nationals NL (East) 231 2019
Tampa Bay Rays AL (East) 228 2017
Cincinnatti Reds NL (Central) 227 2019
Detroit Tigers AL (Central) 225 1987
Philadelphia Phillies NL (East) 224 2009
Cleveland Indians AL (Central) 223 2019
Arizona Diamondbacks NL (West) 220 2017
San Diego Padres NL (West) 219 2019
Miami Marlins NL (East) 208 2008
Kansas City Royals AL (Central) 193 2017
Pittsburgh Pirates NL (Central) 171 1999