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Eight people killed in Milan plane crash

A small private plane crashed into an empty two-story building near a suburban subway station in Milan, Italy, killing everyone on board the flight.

A small, private plane caryring six passengers, crashed into the side of a two-story building in Milan, killing all six passengers and the pilot and co-pilot.

Italian media have reported that the plane was flown by one of Romania's richest men, real estate tycoon, 68-year-old Dan Petrescu. His wife, Regina Dorotea and son, Dan Stefano, were also on board. According to the AGI news agency, an Italian businessman, Filippo Nascimbene, his wife Claire Stephanie Caroline Alexandrescou, and their child were also killed.

Why did the plane suddenly crash?

The plane was apparently in route from Milan's Linate airport to Olbia airport in Sardinia and crashed shortly after takeoff. According to Milan prosecutor Tiziana Siciliano, the plane was on its way just fine until a certain point when "an anomaly appeared on the radar screen and it plunged". The plane struck the roof of the empty building. Investigators are still looking into the exact cause.

Reports say that the plane had flown without any issues on September 30th from Bucharest to Milan. When the plane struck the building in Milan, it went up in flames. The building was apparently under construction, which would explain why it was empty. Dark smoke rose from the site and several cars that were parked nearby also went up in flames from the accident. Firefighters extinguished the fire and reported that no other casualties occurred besides those onboard.