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Cardinals 1 - 3 Dodgers summary, scores, stats and highlights, National League Wild Card Game

The Los Angeles Dodgers celebrate with Chris Taylor (3) after he hit a home run during the ninth inning to win a National League Wild Card playoff baseball game 3-1 over the St. Louis Cardinals Wednesday, Oct. 6, 2021, in Los Angeles. Cody Bellinger (35)

Cardinals vs Dodgers

What a great game that gives you everything you could want in a Wild Card Game. It finishes here Los Angeles Dodgers 3, St Louis Cardinals 1.

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Joining Kirk Gibson's classic walk-off, I give you Chris Taylor

LA are going to San Fran

LA will now go up the road to San Francisco to face the Giants in the NLDS on Friday. This will be the very first post season meeting between the two West Coast teams in baseball history.

Walk off two-run shot for Chris Taylor and the Dodgers win the Wild Card Game 3-1

High shot deep left and it is GONE!!!!

Ball in the dirt and Bellinger steals for the second time tonight! No throw from Molina.

Chris Taylor comes in 0 for 1 on the night.

Schildt comes out and takes the ball. Alex Reyes is called for to close it out.

The count runs full again. Bottom 9th, two outs, 3-2 delivery... ball four! We have the winning run at fist base.

Bellinger comes to the plate and the Cardinals are in a serious shift with only one infielder on the left side.

Souza slaps a bullet to the same spot as Pujols with the same result. Two away.

It was a terrible idea to begin with and MLB has decided to scrap it, much to everyone's delight.

If we do go to extra innings the controversial "Manfred Man" on second is no longer part of the game, thankfully for every baseball fan in the world.

Steven Souza pinch hits and fouls two back.

Pujols hits a long ball to straightaway center and Bader grabs it for the first out.

Twice has the Wild Card Game been decided on a walk off. The Dodgers are hoping to make it three.

To the bottom of the 9th and TJ McFarland takes the mound for St Louis.

I absolutely LOVE this game!

Edman has been a huge threat tonight

We go to the bottom of the ninth all tied up in LA

How can you not love baseball?

Swing and a miss! The Dodgers are out of a jam and the Cardinals are now 0-11 with runners in scoring postion.

Jansen runs it full and the crowd are on their feet.

This is the 10th time the Cardinals had a man in scoring position tonight.

With Edman's speed all they need is a hit, anywhere in play, and they take the lead.

ꓘ for Goldschmidt on a nasty slider.

Edman gets his second stolen base of the night and the Cardinals have a man in scoring position with only one out.

Goldschmidt comes to the plate as the Cardinals best bat at the moment.

Edman slaps a single to right and for the fifth straight inning, the Cardinals have the go-ahead run on base.

The Dutch cutter-ball pitcher throws smoke to DeJong and gets the K.

Kenley Jansen takes the pitching duties for LA int he 9th.

Will Smith hits a shot to short and DeJong climbs a ladder to pick it for the final out. We go to nine in a tied ball game.

Two smoking fastball strikes and a slider in the dirt before a swing and miss on another slider that hit the ground in front of the plate.

Gallegos throws over to first again.

Turner has a healthy lead at first and Gallegos is definitely nervous about it. Nobody wants to steal on Yadier but Bellinger did last inning. Maybe they will try it again.

Trea Turner gets a single to left and the Dodgers threaten to go ahead once again as Justin Turner comes to the plate.

The 30 year old Mexican has a slider that is just pure cheese and he gets the first out with it.

Gallegos has a 0.85 WHIP, 3rd best in the Major Leagues.

Double switch for the Cardinals as they bring in Paul DeJong at short stop and Giovanny Gallegos takes the mound.

The batting strategy of the Cardinals seems to get through that Dodger bullpen. Deplete them and hold on, and boy have they done that.

He is throwing heat. Fastballs all, high 90s all. The crowd are on their feet and Bader fouls two off before striking out on a sick curve ball. LA dodge another bullet.

Treinen has had it. The Dodgers reach into their bullpen and call for Corey Knebel.

Hard hit to Taylor in left. Diving catch, well, stumbling catch. But he catches it for the second out.

Joe West has a look and gets the ruling. He did. Safe.

The Dodgers are looking at whether Carlson retouched second on his way back to first. I don't think he did.

On the hit and run, Molina flies out to left. Carlson has to return to first now with an out.

With Molina's lack of speed, Carlson is a steal threat. They don't want to be in double play position.

Dylan Carlson hits away from the shift and gets a single for his trouble to bring the go-ahead run to first for St Louis.

Billy McKinney comes in for Matt Beaty at first base for LA.

Betts flies out to end the seventh. We go to eight still level at one apiece.

The jump was great. That base was really stolen off Garcia. And even so, Molina very nearly gunned him. Legendary catchers make pitchers look great.

Bellinger steals second on Yadier Molina. Not an easy thing to do.

With one out, Cody Bellinger slaps a hard shot to right for a single and the go-ahead run.

The Cardinals are sticking with Garcia in the seventh. He has closer speed but it seems that they believe that he has reliever stamina.

This game was always going to be a pitching contest, but the real theme of the night has been the hight pitch count and the difficulties with control.

Foul fly caught by the first base dugout and the inning ends... how? How do you think? I'll give you a hint. Still tied.

O'Neill steals second on a pitch in the dirt. The go-ahead run is now on second.

Treinen's slider is absolute cheese. What movement!

Arenado fouls off the hit and run to bring it to 1-2

With two outs, O'Neill draws the walk.

Treinen has great movement on his pitches but with the same control issues that have plagued all the pitchers tonight on both teams.

Top 7th now and Pollack is replaced in left by Cody Bellinger.

LA is in good company

Pollack taps it back to Garcia for the force out at first to end the inning. We go to seven still level.

The crowd is on their feet. Magic Johnson is on his feet in the stands. The count is 2-1 and the go ahead run is on 2nd.

What is Pollack swinging at? Garcia has thrown five balls in a row. When the other guy is making mistakes, get out of his way!

Ball four. Runners on 1st and 2nd with two outs.

Garcia doesn't want to give anything to him and runs it full. Turner will be running now

Turner has a big lead at first and Will Smith takes two almost identical strikes. 2 seamers on the outside edge.

He is jammed and flies out to left for the second out of the inning.

Joe West holds true to his tight zone. Justin Turner is happy to wait for a whopper.

The first pitch comes in at 98 MPH. This is just muscle vs muscle.

The 34 year old Domincan has a 3.24 ERA. This is his very first post season appearance.

As Justin Turner comes to the plate Luis Garcia is called for. What a great night for Wainwright.

Trea Turner gets an infield hit on a swinging bunt down the third base line.

One of the reasons that the pitchers are struggling is Joe West. His strike zone is the size of a napkin. Yet another count runs full on basically seven strikes.

Wainwright comes in for the bottom half of the 6th and looks stronger than he did in the first three.

One reason why the Dodgers can be so cavalier with their pitchers tonight is that should they win they can reset the rotation. And of course if they don't... well...

That is the third time that Bader has been on base tonight and he is still 0 for 0. One walk and two hit by pitch.

Graterol throws three fastballs for two outs and then hits Bader with a pitch. No damage done as the next pitch is a soft come-backer for out three.

Blake Treinen is now up in the LA pen.

The Venezuelan Brusdar Graterol will take the mound for LA in the sixth. The powerful right hander finished the season with a 4.59 ERA

Betts grounds out for a Cardinal clean slate in the 5th

Raley strikes out for the second out and Betts comes to the plate. Wainwright looks to have a fire lit.

With any other team's pitching staff, you would question the wisdom of replacing Kelly after only two thirds of an inning. But the Dodgers are so deep in relievers that it makes sense.

Graterol is now up in the Dodger bullpen and it looks like Luke Raley will pinch hit for Kelly.

Kelly is fearless with the curveball and gets the big strikeout to end the Cardinal threat! We're going to the bottom of the 5th still tied 1-1

Couldn't check his swing and we have another full count

Kelly puts one in the dirt and Will Smith does well to keep it in front of him. Goldschmidt advances to third.

Urias is now in the Dodger bullpen. He isn't warming up but just being there gives the Dodgers another weapon in these dangerous middle innings.

Kelly comes in and tests Joe West immediately. He's staying on that outside edge. Arenado hits into a force out at 3rd.

Scherzer went 4 and a third innings and threw 94 pitches. That was his shortest postseason start since 2011.

He fights through a 2-2 count and gets the K with O'Neill. That is it for Scherzer. Dave Roberts calls for Joe Kelly. Scherzer is reluctant to leave, but finally shakes Roberts' hand before handing over the ball.

In less than five and Scherzer's pitch count is already at 93. He is definitely ready to get out of there.

Ball four. Joe Kelly is now up in the bullpen. How much longer will they leave him in?

Another full count. Seven now for Scherzer matching his season high

Scherzer is very fidgety on the mound tonight. He picks to first.

Joe West is still giving very little away

We head into the 5th and Edman gets on for the second time with a second broken bat hit. He takes a big old lead and may be looking for his second stolen base.

Molina catches a pop up for the third out but the Dodgers are back in the game on the bat of Justin Turner.

And here is Turner's sweet swing. Starting up the Cadillac!

Fan's eye view of the homerun celebs

It comes to earth deep in the Dodger bullpen. 401 feet is the official distance

The score is level here and that is his 13th post season home run off a hanging curveball.

Big Justin Turner leads off the Dodger half of the 4th and takes one deep to left! Gone!

Scherzer strikes out the pitcher Wainwright for the third out.

When a pitcher isn't getting the calls, he sometimes has to take chances with his pitch choice.

Top 4 and Bader is hit by pitch. Scherzer worked it to 3-2 before that and has had six three ball counts tonight. Joe West has had a hand in some of the high counts with his miserly strike zone.

The pitcher-catcher combo is something special in baseball.

That was the most trouble the Cardinals have been in all night and it was mostly self inflicted. If Wainwright and Scherzer can't gather themselves, this game could run away from them.

Broken bat hit to second for a 4-3 double play to end the Dodger threat.

Turner finished the season on a 19 game hitting streak, and here he fouls one back before running the count full.

On Sunday, Turner hit a grand slam. Can he do it again? Wainwright's first two pitches are balls so maybe he won't have to.

No good. Wainwright walks the bases full for Trea Turner.

The crowd is finally coming into the game. Molina calls time and goes have a chat with his pitcher.

LA has their first scoring opportunity of the game with runners on first and second and one out.

The True Blue LA fans give him a standing ovation when he lays a sac bunt down. Runner moves over to second and Betts slaps one to short. Bobbled! Everyone is safe.

Scherzer takes the bat and comes in 0 for 59 this season. He shows bunt but takes it ball.

The very experienced Wainwright/Molina pitching and catching machine is now in their 15th season together. They say they both know what pitch the other will call for before the sign is shown

Wow! What a golden sunset in LA. Can't match them anywhere.

Carlson lines it to first to get the Dodgers out of the inning. Something needs to start clicking soon or thoughts will turn to the bullpen.

The crowd starts to come alive as we get into the 58th pitch thrown. There is a lot of wear being put on the pitching arm here.

O'Neill goes down on three straight, and then Arenado hits a fielder's choice to first.

So far, Scherzer has not had a clean inning. Very uncharacteristic

Goldschmidt goes to right and it falls in for the first baserunner of the 3rd

Long shot to the warning track in right, but it is hauled in for the third out.

The Dodger bats have yet to come alive tonight and they give up another pop fly.

Edman makes a great sliding catch and throw for the first out

Wainwright seems to have settled somewhat as we go to the bottom of the second. His breaking balls have lots of movement on them and many are just missing.

Fly out to left to end the inning, but Scherzer finishes two having thrown 43 pitches.

Scherzer gets Wainwright to lay down a fielder's choice bunt, but he had to get to 3-2 to do it.

The Cardinals seem determined to test Smith's arm behind the plate. I wouldn't be surprised if we see more green lights given on the basepaths.

Scherzer's control troubles continue as he gives up his second walk in only two innings

Joe West is giving nothing tonight. But to be fair, he's consistent to both pitchers.

Sosa fights a couple off but then he's finally put away with a 2 seamer

Top 2nd now and Scherzer runs the count full to Sosa.

Turner hits it on the screws right back at Wainwright who nabs it! What a way to get out of the inning.

Both middle infields have now had problems fielding, both pitchers showing control issues, is the event too big for them? Or will they settle into the game?

Seager gets the backward K - caught looking

Wild pitch on the other side now but swatted down by Molina. Betts stays put at first. Control is the battle tonight it seems.

Mookie Betts gets on base with a hard shot to short, but too hot to handle.

Control seems to be the issue but it is early yet. Deep breaths are needed on the Dodger bench. The damage was limited to only one run but LA can't afford another inning like that. Now they have to do it with the bat.

The errors seem to be contagious as Seager bobbles a routine ground ball. First and third now as Yadier Molina flies out to center for the final out. Disastrous first inning for LA

Scherzer is a sure-thing hall of famer but is struggling. He throws a wild pitch and Edman scores!

Mooky Betts makes a terrific catch over the foul wall in right for the first out. Edman tags and makes it to third. Men on the corner with one out.

Goldschmidt draws a walk and we now have men on first and second with nobody out.

Edman takes off and the throw to Turner drifts wide, stolen base!

Broken bat flare into shallow right and the Cardinals have a man on with nobody out.

We are off and running!

Here is the first pitch and it is a ball high.

Behind the plate is Joe West who will be retiring at the end of the season.

Tommy Edman is leading off and he is getting loose while Scherzer warms up on the mound.

The fans are filing into Dodger Stadium and there are still seats to be seen in the upper decks. We will find out the official attendance later, but the capacity is 56,000. Will it sell out?

Tonight will be the 6th post season meeting between these two teams since 1969.

The lack of experience in the Cardinals order might be just enough to edge this toward the Dodgers. While some die-hard St Louis fans might argue the point, the conventional view is that the Dodgers are the better team from soup to nuts.

Cardinals Batting Order

Tommy Edman, 3B (S)
Paul Goldschmidt, 1B (R)
Tyler O’Neill, LF (R)
Nolan Arenado, 3B (R)
Dylan Carlson, RF (S)
Yadier Molina, C (R)
Edmundo Sosa, SS (R)
Harrison Bader, CF (R)
Adam Wainwright, SP (R)

Rookie Dylan Carlson will get his first taste of the postseason in the 5-spot ahead of Molina

Dodgers Batting Order

Mookie Betts, RF (R)
Corey Seager, SS (L)
Trea Turner, 2B (R)
Justin Turner, 3B (R)
Will Smith, C (R)
AJ Pollock, LF (R)
Matt Beaty, 1B (L)
Cody Bellinger, CF (L)
Max Scherzer, SP (R)

Justin Turner takes the cleanup spot after Max Muncy is injured in Sunday's Milwaukee game.

Tonight will be the 15th postseason game that sees Yadier Molina behind the plate and Adam Wainwright on the mound. A real power couple!

National Anthem

The Star Spangled Banner will be sung by Mexican actor (Rogelio de la Vega in Jane the Virgin) and singer Jaime Camil. He's got some vocal chops, being the son of Cecilia Saldanha da Gama, a Brazilian singer, and having taken classical opera training in Italy. Expect it to reverberate round Dodger Stadium.

And their opponents do too

They know what is on the line!

All stats out the window

Max Scherzer was picked up at the end of July from the Nationals and the Dodgers have won all 11 of his starts. The right-hander isn’t counting any chickens though: “You kind of throw all streaks, all stats, everything out the window,” Scherzer said Tuesday. “Some crazy things happen when you get into October baseball. All that stuff doesn’t matter. It literally just matters to go out there and play your best baseball, and you need the whole team to play the best baseball. That’s the only way you win these games.”

Taking the mound for the Dodgers will be Cy Young contender, and 3-time winner, Max Scherzer. LA will be without their ace Walker Buehler, but still have perhaps the deepest bullpen in the Major Leagues. Blake Treinen and Alex Vesia head up a relief staff with a fearsome amount of talent.

Tonight promises to be a pitcher’s contest and Dodger Stadium is famed as a pitcher’s paradise. The Cardinals will start Adam Wainwright and with Dodgers power-hitter Max Muncy out of the lineup with a dislocated elbow, LA might have trouble making headway against him.

Welcome to the livestream of the 2021 National League Wild Card Game. Tonight we have a cracker in store for you as the St Louis Cardinals travel to Los Angeles to face the Dodgers in a game that will decide who gets the Wild Card spot in the NLDS. The winner will travel to San Francisco to face the Giants on Friday.


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