Liverpool fans flock to Madrid to watch Atlético game

The Champions League matchup between Liverpool and Atlético has brought Liverpool fans to Madrid and they seem confident they will get the win tonight.

It was a sunny, warm day in Madrid - quite the opposite of the English weather that Liverpool fans are used to. They flocked to the famous Plaza Mayor to drink beer, sing, and chat about the upcoming match tonight between Liverpool and Atlético. Maybe it was the beers, but they had lots to say...mostly about how Mo Salah is most definitely NOT leaving Liverpool for Real Madrid.

The ASTV USA team interviewed some Liverpool fans

Fans came from near and far, including one woman from Stockholm, Sweden. "It has been like a dream of mine for a very long time to see a Champions League game," said Liverpool fan Lanna Gligoric. Now that Covid restrictions are less tight, some people are traveling to Madrid for the first time since Liverpool won the Champions League in 2019. Tonight, they will play in that same stadium against Atlético Madrid, a team which they have only beaten one time out of six matchups.

Liverpool fan Dan Rigby is not too worried about that, though he admits that they seem to be the Achilles heel of Liverpool. "I think the form that Salah is in right now and the form the other players are in, I think we will do well tonight."

We asked several Liverpool fans what they thought about the rumors that Salah could leave Liverpool to go to Real Madrid once his contract is up. The answer was a resounding "no way". Liverpool fan Mark Cronin said he thinks it's all just speculation. "I think he's very happy in Liverpool. He's playing the best football of his career," Cronin said.