Klopp and Simeone's awkward handshake encounter

After losing 3-2 to Liverpool last night, Atlético coach Diego Simeone did not shake hands with Jurgen Klopp, saying the action feels forced.

It was a tense matchup when Liverpool came to Madrid to take on Atlético, and a bit tense between the two coaches as well. Even before the game, Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp mentioned that he has a lot of respect for Atlético head coach Diego Simeone, but that he doesn't really agree with his style of play. Simeone dismissed the comment, saying it means nothing to him.

Liverpool's victory and penalty drama

Liverpool took home three points to Atléti's two with a late Mohamed Salah penalty to win the Champions League game at Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid. There was a bit of drama at the end of the game when Atlético was given a penalty to Diogo Jota for pushing Jose María Giminez.When it was reviewed by referee Daniel Siebert, he overturned the decision. This angered Simeone, who had just seen Antoine Griezmann receive a red card.

When the game ended with a 3-2 Liverpool defeat over Atlético, Simeone left the field in a hurry, running down the tunnel, while Klopp waited awkwardly for him to come and shake his hand. It appeared that Klopp was perhaps bothered by the gesture, but he insisted that he understood and that he doesn't believe Simeone did anything wrong. "He is emotional," said Klopp, "and I don't think that should be a surprise to anyone, and I am as well."

Simeone, too, insisted there is no bad blood between the two and that it was not his intention to offend. He was simply angry at the game and the result. He said that when he's angry, he reacts that way and that the handshake feels forced. "If you lose, you are forced," he said. "And to be honest, I don't like to shake forced hands."