NFL 21-22: What's the NFL record for most interceptions in a season?

The NFL record for most interceptions in a season is 14, led by Night Train Lane. Following is Xavien Howard at 10, and Dallas's Trevon Diggs with 7 so far.

NFL 21-22: What's the NFL record for most interceptions in a season?
Brian Fluharty USA TODAY Sports

The National Football League (NFL) first started record-keeping for interception counts in 1940. Since then, the most interceptions held in a single season has been 14, led by Richard Lane in 1950. Better known as Night Trane Lane, the Los Angeles Rams’ cornerback logged these many interceptions in his rookie year.

The most recent player who’s come closest to Lane’s NFL record is Xavien Howard, who finished with 10 interceptions with the Miami Dolphins in 2020.

The New York Giants' players have led the league in interceptions in more seasons than any other team (7), but we haven't seen it happen since 1968.

Can Trevon Diggs break Xavien Howard’s interception record?

Dallas Cowboys’ cornerback Trevon Diggs is set to break Howard’s record this season, 2021. The 28-year-old has accounted for seven interceptions in just six weeks of games so far.

Diggs is only in his second NFL season and he’s already had twice as many interceptions as he did in his rookie year, besides the fact that he’s ranked first for the Defensive Player of the Year rankings.

If Diggs continues to pull in at least one interception per game for the 2021 season, he will effectively shatter Howard’s record (14) and set his new own; at this rate he could possibly reach a minimum of 17 interceptions this season.

Here’s a little preview of Diggs’ seventh interception at the Week 6 Sunday game against the New England Patriots:

With this interception, Diggs now has a pick in each of his first six games of the ‘21 season, joining Brian Russell, the Minnesota Vikings’ former safety.