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La Palma volcano summary: 25 October 2021

La Palma volcano, live updates today: eruption, tsunami warning and latest news | Canary Islands

La Palma volcano eruption: Mon 25 Oct

The European Union has released four satellite images from different dates which show how the path of the lava has changed since the eruption began on 19 September.

New images under the sea near La Palma show the amount of ash that has landed on the ocean floor. The marine life has been impacted by the ash, and could be threatened going forward.

However, many of these ecosystem will regenerate as they have evolved with volcanic eruption as a normal part of the biologic and environmental process.

7000 people have had to evacuate their homes in La Palma as the lava continues to flow from the volcano.

La Palma

Volcano's impact on ocean life 'minimal' at present

Speaking on Monday, general secretary for the Dpt of Agriculture & Fishing, Alicia Villauriz claimed that the impact of the active Cumbre Vieja volcano and the lava spill into the sea at present is 'insignificant' and has yet to cause the death of fish in the waters close to La Palma.


200 pre-fabricated houses to be erected

The Canary Island government has confirmed that it will erect some 200 pre-fab houses for the man families forced to leave their homes in El Paso, Los Llanos de Aridane and Tazacorte as a result of destruction or the threat posed by the active Cumbre Vieja volcano.


Ash clearance in Tazacorte

Two workers clean the ash from the Cumbre Vieja volcano in Tazacorte, on the Canary Island of La Palma.


Cumbre Viejo from the air

A cloud of smoke and ash rises from Cumbre Vieja volcano over the Canary Island of La Palma as seen from an aircraft flying over Santa Cruz de la Palma, Spain

Photo Guillermo Martinez


Cumbre Vieja 'more active each day' claims expert

Involcan spokesperson David Calvo claimed that the volcano s generating more seismic activity with the passing of each day and has become more active over the past few days in terms of lava production.

Real Betis play their part in helping La Palma

One of Spanish football's (soccer) biggest clubs is playing a role in helping the people of the stricken island and the Seville based outfit have set-up a series of accounts where donations can be made. The club also plan to donate a percentage of the gate money from the Betis-Valencia LaLiga game towards the island fund.


Burger Combat winner with La Palma burger tribute

300 chefs battled it out over the weekend in Madrid with the Burger Combat title on the line. The overall winner of the competition Vanessa San Jose with her 'La Palma' burger. The professional chef took just 20 minutes to prepare her 'La Palma' tribute with the colours of her creation resembling those of the Cumbre Vieja volcano.

Anyone looking to sample Vanessa's creation can do so by popping into La Bistroteca in central Madrid.

(Pic via El Español)

More images of latest cone collapse

Here is further video footage of the aftermath of today's third break in the Cumbre Vieja cone:

Involcan reports further break in Cumbre Vieja cone

The Canary Islands Volcanology Institute (Involcan) has reported that another break in the Cumbre Vieja cone, which appears to have occurred around 8:30pm local time, has led yet greater amounts of lava to flow from the volcano.

"A few minutes ago the cone broke and caused more lava overflows and landslides that have generated air currents," Involcan said on its Twitter feed at 8:46pm local time.

This is the third break in the cone registered so far today.

Where are most volcanoes located?


Where are most volcanoes located?

Volcanism is responsible for over 80 percent of Earth’s surface both above and below sea level, but where are the most volcanoes located today?

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La Palma

The Cumbre Vieja volcano continues to erupt on La Palma on Monday, as seen from El Paso.


Volcano suffers another "small collapse"

A further "small collapse" of the Cumbre Vieja volcano's cone occurred on Monday evening at 5pm local time, the Canary Islands Volcanology Institute has reported. Earlier on Monday, a partial collapse had exposed a large source of lava.

Air quality has improved but masks still advised

While Cumbre Vieja continues to relentlessly spew out lava, toxic gases, rocks, ash and other pyroclastic material, the air quality on La Palma has improved in comparison to recent days.

Authorities still advise that anyone venturing out onto the street for any length of time should wear a FFP2 mask, especially those who have pulmonary issues.

Plumes of ash and gas rising to 3,800 metres

Cumbre Vieja, the volcano errupting on La Palma is showing no signs of ceasing activity. Daily sulphur dioxide emission have been recorded at 50,000 tonnes. Meanwhile the plume of ash, gas and dust has reached heights of 3,800 metros - as can be seen here in one of the most recent videos released by CSIC.

New vent opens up on the side of La Palma volcano

 A new vent opened up on the side of Cumbre Vieja on Monday afternoon at approximately 14:45 hours local time, the Canary Islands Volcanology Institute INVOLCAN informed. The Institute also shared footage of cascades of red-hot lava flowing down the side of the volcano in the Tacande district.

Around 150 families have lost their sole residence due to the erruption

The Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Housing has identified a total of 154 families who have lost their family homes, their sole residence due to the volcanic erruption on La Palma The figures are expected to rise as the situation on the island continues. The regional government has ordered 200 prefabricated houses while will be fully equipped over the next few weeks to house those who have been displaced.

la palma

Roadblocks in Fuencaliente

La Palma's regional government announced on Monday that access to Fuencaliente via road has been blocked temporarily due to the risk of  landslides. Residents who have been evacuated from areas including Corazoncillo, Jedey and San Nicolás will not be able to return to collect belongings until authorities confirm it is safe to do so.

Cumbre Vieja's fifth vent

Due to the opening of the new vent, the amount of magma reaching the surface increased, leading the lava to overflow Sunday afternoon.

The volcanic cone on Saturday also began to emit lava – before then it had only been spewing out pyroclastic material. Miguel Ángel Morcuende, the technical director of the Canaries Volcano Risk Prevention Plan (Pevolca), which is managing the crisis, explained that this “is an important fact because in the end there is a redistribution of magma to other points.”

Guillermo Vega brings you a summary of the situation as of Monday morning.

Partial collapse of volcano cone exposes large lava source

A partial collapse of the cone this Monday morning has exposed a large source of lava, as reported by the Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands (Involcan).

"At the moment we are seeing more activity," stated the spokesman of Involcan, David Calvo, with concerns of the amount of gases front of mind.

Calvo has pointed out that now attention turns to where the lava will flow. It's possible they will head towards the neighbourhoods of Todoque and La Laguna again, could fill in other routes that have already been touched, or even go to a previously unaffected area.

He also advised that some lava flows have widened so much that they are causing new security risks.

Measures and restrictions in La Palma

The local council has provided guidance to residents of Las Martelas, Cuesta Zapata, Marina Alta, Marina Baja and La Condesa that they can remove household goods today.

Meanwhile, those living in Corazoncillo, Jedey and San Nicolás will not be able to access their homes to collect objects or belongings; and the irrigation and fruit harvesting in El Remo, Charco Verde and Puerto Naos is on hold.

Access by the Fuencaliente road is suspended due to the possibility of landslides.

"These measures may vary depending on weather conditions and evolution of the eruptive process. Stay informed with official sources," the council said on Twitter.

La Palma registers more than 80 small earthquakes since last midnight

More than 80 earthquakes were recorded on the island of La Palma between midnight and 7 am local time, although none of them were above 3.5 magnitude, according to data from the National Geographic Institute (IGN). Fuencaliente and Villa de Mazo continue to have the highest seismic activity on La Palma and have done since the Cumbre Vieja eruption started on 19 September.

The largest of those recorded so far took place on 23 Saturday, in Mazo, with a magnitude of 4.9 and intensity IV, at a depth of 38 kilometers, which could be felt by the residents. The scientific committee of the Volcanic Emergency Plan of the Canary Islands (Pevolca) has been warning for several days of the possibility of earthquakes of intensity VI, considered "slightly damaging".

In these cases, small objects may fall, furniture may be displaced and sometimes plates and glasses may be broken, as well as damage of varying degrees to buildings.

La Palma in infra-red

Volcanic activity from Cumbre Vieja captured with infra-red cameras over night.

Alonso's Austin GP tribute to La Palma

In recent days we told you about Spanish F1 driver Fernando Alonso's efforts to help those devastated by the volcanic activity. After the US GP he posted the following comment.

Who are the 'A Team' dog rescuers in La Palma?

In recent days, focus has been drawn to the mysterious A Team which has conducted various missions to rescue dogs trapped in the path of the volcano in La Palma.

After a banner reading "Fuerza La Palma. The dogs are fine." signed by the A Team was found, drone footage has identified human footprints in the area, meaning that someone or a group is entering the registered area to provide care and rescue the dogs.

More information on the case that has baffled local officials and animal rights activists is available from The Canary News.

Cumbre Vieja lights up night sky

The Canary Islands Volcanology Institute has been releasing some stunning live footage of the eruption on La Palma and this photo shows the activity on the volcano late on Sunday, with lava still exploding from the mountain over a month since the eruption began.


Is a tsunami from Cumbre Vieja eruption likely?

There has been plenty of speculation about the possibility of a mega-tsunami as a result of the Cumbre Vieja eruption, but is such a scenario really likely? Not so, according to most experts.

A report from the United States Geological Survey largely debunks a 2001 paper on the subject. While it wasn't entirely out of the question depending on various factors, the conditions for such a cataclysmic event have not been met by the current eruption.

Streets in La Palma ruined

New footage of the lava flow, shows what many streets in La Palma currently look like.

These images show the level of destruction that volcano has had, and just how difficult it will be to open roads throughout the impact area once the eruption has ended.

Cumbre Vieja keeps bubbling

The eruption that began well over a month ago in La Palma, shows no signs of slowing.

More than 79 earthquakes were recorded on the island Sunday, after a 5.0 magnitude quake was recorded yesterday. That's the biggest so far.

La Palma volcano eruption updates: welcome

Hello and welcome to our live blog for Monday 25 October 2021, bringing you the latest updates and information on the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma.

Many believed it would be short-lived when the lava first began flowing way back on 19 September. As we now know, that prediction was a long way from what has transpired since.