Browns' Baker Mayfield stunned by Odell Beckham Sr. viral video

Amid reports that Odell Beckham Jr. wants out, the critique of Mayfield from his father only adds fuel to the fire.

Browns' Baker Mayfield stunned by Odell Beckham Sr. viral video

Amid reports that the Browns' star receiver wants to leave, a video has surfaced on social media appearing to show his father being critical of QB Baker Mayfield.

Browns's QB Mayfield was taken off guard

'Stunned' was the word Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield used when he spoke of his initial reaction upon seeing the viral video of the father of Odell Beckham Jr. criticizing him on social media. Mayfield went on to say that he had not spoken with his teammate since the video was posted. In his response Mayfield was empathetic. "Naturally, he wants his son to succeed. I can't blame him for that," Mayfield said. "I want Odell to succeed. That's where we were at - or at least so I thought."

Beckham Sr. wants his son to shine

As for Beckham himself, it may be that he has worn the Brown's jersey for the last time, as it is understood that his representatives are currently in negotiation with Cleveland's general manager Andrew Berry about the wide receiver's future. In the immediate wake of the video posted on Instagram by his father, Beckham was told not to attend Wednesday's practice. Beckham's father spoke on a range of topics in the video highlighting in particular occasions where he felt Mayfield opted out of passing to his son when he was open. In other social media comments made by Odell Beckham Sr. he spoke of Mayfield "either hating on Odell or he just doesn't want him shining." There was also comment he made on a post in which Mayfield was referred to as "mediocre" in which he posted "#bigfacts."

Mayfield disagrees but is open to reconciliation

Speaking further on the social media incident Mayfield spoke of the past. "I've had conversations with his dad before, man-to-man, face-to-face, and I was pretty surprised by the video and the intentions and the feelings behind it," said Mayfield. The Browns' quarterback went on to out rightly reject the accusation that he has deliberately he deliberately doesn't throw to Beckham. "I would be lying if I said otherwise." The quarterback also added that he had spoken with wide receiver Jarvis Landry - Beckham's closest friend on the team - about the incident. "We didn't get into too many details because I do not want to draw that line in between them at all. That's not what I am trying to do," Mayfield said. "Jarvis wants to win just as badly as I do. Those are the types of guys, the type of focus that we need to have right now."

According to sources Browns coach Kevin Stefanski spoke with the players earlier in the day explaining that in essence Beckham effectively is currently not on the team while negotiations continue. Despite all of this, Mayfield made clear that he's fully prepared to welcome his teammate back if he wants to come back.

"If he's back, then we'll work through it and do whatever it takes," Mayfield said. "I can put my ego and pride to the side to win. Because that's all I care about is winning. If not, then we'll roll with the guys we have out there. And those guys will know that I completely trust them, and they'll know that I'm always here for them, and that's the leader and the type of quarterback I am."

How are the Cleveland Browns doing?

Most recently Beckham posted one catch for 6 yards in Sunday's 15-10 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Incidentally, Mayfield did pass to Beckham late in the game, however, the wide receiver failed to catch it after attempting with only one arm. Where Mayfield is concerned, it has to be said that the Browns have struggled with their passing game of late. They currently hold a record of 4-4 and sit last in the AFC North standings. Mayfield is 27th in QBR (42.2) with a meager six touchdown passes while Beckham has not fared much better. The former offensive rookie of the year sits at 151st in receptions in the league. Beckham, meanwhile, ranks 151st in the NFL in receptions per target.

Speaking on their current situation Mayfield was open. "A lot of this frustration, the tension that's built up," Mayfield said, "because we're not playing how we should be."

Beckham and Mayfield have never quite fit

Though recent events may be somewhat shocking, they aren't surprising. Mayfield and Beckham haven't ever quite read from the same page. In fact since Beckham arrived in an off season trade in 2019, they rank 57th out of 62 quarterback-receiver duos. Mayfield has also under thrown or overthrown Beckham on 27% of his passes, the third-highest rate in the NFL since 2019.

Mayfield looks ahead to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Speaking about his team's coming game against the Bengals, Mayfield lamented the situation but remained determined. "Unfortunately, this is a part of the job that's not much fun," Mayfield said. "You want to try and eliminate the distractions and everything, but trying to get the best out of your teammates is first and foremost, and I think the most important thing for me is trying to elevate the guys around me. Being able to get the focus back on football is extremely important."

"This is something that's very unique. There's not a manual for this one. There's not a handbook on how to navigate this besides talk to people, see how they are feeling about it and just keep it open becausethis is one of those things that, like everybody can see, it can be a dividing thing or it can be a rallying cry."