2021 New York City Marathon results: medalists, times and summary

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2021 New York City Marathon live results: tracker, runners, online updates

The NYC Marathon on AS English!

If you have just joined us here on AS English then you missed quite a show. Not to worry, however, just take a look below where you can find our moment by moment coverage of the 50th running of the New York City Marathon.

Peres the pride of Kenya

In yet another incredible performance the reigning Olympic champion claimed victory in New York. Alongside her was also fellow Kenyan Viola Cheptoo who has continued to make a name for herself in recent races.

Seidel gives the USA reason to cheer

It's been quite a year for Molly Seidel as she finished 4th behind some legendary runners and with a fantastic time of 2:24.42, a personal best and the fastest time ever recorded by an American at the New York City Marathon.

A double for Kenya

In what was actually his first major title, Albert Korir won the NYC marathon in a time of 2 hours 8 minutes and 22 seconds, meaning that Kenya took victory in both the men and women's categories. A job well done!

Kenya shows dominance...again.

In it's 50th edition, the New York City marathon was every bit as exciting as one could have expected. While there were no surprises there were certainly firsts, like Peres Jepchir becoming the first woman to win both Olympic gold and the New York City Marathon or fellow Kenyan Albert Korir who put in a dominant performance to win on his debut in New York's marathon.

While there are those who criticized the state of some streets on which the race was run - especially for those in the wheelchair format - such critiques will undoubtedly not overshadow the feeling of victory for Australian Madison de Rozario who won her first ever New York marathon in the wheelchair format. Nor will they remove the joy felt by the Swiss 'Silver Bullet' Marcel Hug who won his 4th New York City Marathon.

Men: The top finishers

Women: The top finishers

Korir jumps to victory!

Men: Korir wins it!

The Kenyan never looked back once taking the lead from El Aaraby who comes in second!

Korir on the brink

Men: Korir in cruise control now

With little sign on exertion on his face the Kenyan is closing in on victory

Sedeil deserves credit

Men: Korir marches on

As we come down to the close of the 2021 New York City Marathon, its Albert Korir of Kenya who is out on his own as he progresses to the finish line.

Jepchirchir does it again!

Peres Jepchirchir is opening up

The Kenyan star is turning on the accelerator as she is opening up a lead on Cheptoo

Men: Korir alone

The Kenyan is now enjoying a significant lead over everyone else as he closes in on another title.

Women: The word is out!

Men: Korir the out right leader

The Kenyan is now pursued by Al Aaraby who sits in second with Kandie having overtaken Faniel to hold the 3rd spot.

Men: Korir leads

Albert Korir has now opened up a decent lead on his compatriot Kandie with Faniel and El Aaraby following.

Men: The Kenyans are coming!

Albert Korir and Kibiwott Kandie are now out in front having passed the Italian and the Moroccan.

Women: A trio leads

There are three women who have separated themselves from the pack and they are Kenyan Peres Jepchirchir, Ethiopian Ababel Yeshaneh and Kenyan Viola Cheptoo!

Wheelchair: A look at the medalists

Now that's how you lead

Men: El Aaraby opens up

The Moroccan is now a few strides ahead of Faniel as the two are a significant distance from the rest of the pack!

Quite a lead!

Men: Faniel takes the lead

The Italian has now taken the lead from the Moroccan and is continuing to open the distance. Can he hold?

Women: As it happened

The Kenyan makes her move

Peres Jepchirchir has now turned on the gas as she literally comes out of nowhere to take the lead!

Women: Seidel in the lead

The American is now opening up as she puts a bit of distance behind her and her compatriot Frisbie who is side by side with Jepchirchir

A view from the street!

Women: Seidel takes the lead

The American has made steady progress throughout and now has a slight lead over the group.

Men: El Aaraby maintains

With only the Italian for company the Moroccan is now in command as the 2 runners are almost out of sight of the trailing pack!

Women: Peres takes control

As if on queue the Kenyan star has taken control of the race and appears to be increasing her stride as she does so!

Women: Annie Frisbee is holding her own

In her debut the 24 year old American is on her way a massive first showing if she can just maintain - which he has been doing - against some of the world's best female runners.

Women: Peres Jepchirchir is making her move

The Kenyan has got herself into the spot just behind the leader Frisbie. She seems to be preparing for the final haul.

Men: Faniel and El Aaraby go at it

The pair have no opened up a sizeable lead on the rest of the pack while Kandie has moved into third.

Women: Frisbie maintains her lead

At the moment Frisbie is holding off American Molly Seidel who is close behind her as the two have opened up a lead on the pack.

Madison de Rozario wins it!

A bit of nostalgia.

Men: The lead is growing

Both Faniel and El Aaraby are now a significant distance from the rest of the pack with Bekele leading the rest as he occupies 3rd for the moment.


Men: A lead opens up!

In an unexpected twist its now Mohamed Reda El Aaraby of Morocco who has opened up a lead over the pack with  Eyob Faniel of Italy in hot pursuit. Albert Korir is just behind them.

Men: Korir takes the lead!

Albert Korir of Kenya has now taken the lead and appears to be in the ascendancy as his calm demeanor shows no signs of fatigue.

It's tight!

The men continue on with El Aaraby and Bekele almost inseparable and the rest of the pack just behind

Quickest in New York!

Hug wins it!

Nicknamed the "silver bullet," Switzerlands Marcel Hug has won the 2021 New York City marathon in the wheel chair format. The multi medalist and record holder dominated from fairly early on and never looked back!


It's now Marcel Hug who is out in front and comfortably so!

Women: It's now Anna Frisbie!

For the moment Anna Frisbie has a slight lead over Americans Kellyn Taylor and Molly Seidel!

The rest are off!

Having seen the start of both the professional men & women the general pack is now off and running. With approximately 30,000 runners signed up it should be quite an event!

Bekele off to an early lead

Kenenisa Bekele is already setting the pace as he is out to an early lead. The four time Olympic medalist is widely favored to win but he will have some stiff competition this year.

The men are off!

With the level on show in this year's marathon there are some who think there could be a new record set. We shall see! In terms of other names to watch, be sure to have a look at Americans Ben True and Jared Ward along with Albert Korir of Kenya.

Women: Taylor leads it

American Kellyn Taylor has taken the lead with fellow Americans Stephanie Bruce and Molly Seidel are just behind.

Wheelchair: Romanchuk in the lead

For the moment the American has a healthy lead on the rest of the pack as he looks to add another title to his growing list.

The fans are loving it!

Seidel is out in front

At the moment Molly Seidel is at the head of the pack with Peres Jepchirchir close behind. The two have of course crossed paths on numerous occasions.

A look at the wheelchair format

Marcel Hug of Switzerland will be favored to win but he will have to hold off a challenge from American Daniel Romanchuk who became the first American to win the event 2 years consecutively in 2019

Americans see hope in Seidel

Olympic bronze medalist Molly Seidel will surely be carrying American hopes as she hopes to go one better in New York this year.

The weather is cooperating

Conditions appear to be pristine in New York today which will surely be pleasing to the all of the runners.

And we're off!

The women have just started. If you're just joining us then welcome to our live text coverage here on AS English of the 2021 New York City Marathon. We will be taking you through the race right up to the finish line!

A host of stars will be running

All eyes will be on 4-time Olympic medalist Kenenisa Bekele. Can he hold off the challenge of Kibiwott Kandie and Abdi Nageeye?

The wheelchair participants are off!

The womens' participants in the wheel chair format of the marathon have just got underway!

The biggest marathon in the world!

This is the 50th edition of the the New York City Marathon and promises to be one of the best yet. There are a plethora of elite runners in this year's race including world record holder Kibiwott Kandie who was the first man to break the 58 minute mark in the half marathon. There is also fan favorite Peres Jepchirchir who is sure to dominate the women's field as she goes in search of yet another medal.

The Big Apple knows how to do it!

We have a record holder in the house!

From the pages of ancient history.

The fans' two favorites are ready to go!

And let's not forget the men!

A look at the elite women who are running this year.

It's almost time!

There isn't a bigger race in the world!

One of the marathon majors the New York City marathon is considered the biggest running event in the world with 53,627 finishers in 2019!

Kenenisa is ready and so are we!

Here is the route for today's race!

Welcome to our live text coverage of the 2021 New York City Marathon. Join us as we take you through the action step by step!