Stores opening hours on 2021 Thanksgiving: Walmart, Costco, Target...

For a second year in a row many major retailers will close for Thanksgiving, letting their employees enjoy the holiday meal with their families.

Stores opening hours on 2021 Thanksgiving: Walmart, Costco, Target...

Major retailers across the US are opting out of opening on Thanksgiving for a second year in a row even though Americans have become more comfortable venturing out to go shopping. Businesses will be focusing more on their online sales which soared by over 30 percent during the pandemic, and are expected to continue to rise.

This year, however, it is less a case of the virus and more a focus on the staff that keep operations running. Covid-19 has upended many aspects of life as it refuses to go quietly into the night. And one of those is workers that are fed up with poor work conditions leaving their jobs and seeking greener pastures elsewhere.

This has been especially true for the lowest wage jobs. So in an effort to keep employees happy, the Black Friday creep into Thanksgiving has been staved off, at least for another year. Black Friday will go on as it has, with crowds returning after last year was eerily quiet.

However shoppers shouldn’t get their hopes too high of scoring spectacular deals of old, with inflation having pushed pre-discount prices higher. Additionally, some sought after items may be hard to find, with supply chains disrupted again due to the covid-19 pandemic.

So, here is a list of stores that will and won’t be open on Thanksgiving and opening hours on Black Friday, but as times may vary by location check first before you head out the door.


Some Apple stores are opening earlier than usual on Black Friday. Customers can check Apple’s website for the hours at their local store.


On Black Friday, most Costco stores will open as early as 9 am.

Best Buy

Some Best Buy stores will open as early as 5 am. As Black Friday hours will vary by location, check your nearest store before you head out.

Home Depot

On Black Friday, most stores will open earlier than usual at 6 am. Check the Home Depot store locator to verify hours.


On Black Friday, Kohl's stores will open at 5 am and close at midnight.


Stores will operate regular business hours on Black Friday.


On Black Friday, Macy's stores will open at 6 am on and keep doors open till midnight.


Nordstrom encourages shoppers to search for holiday hours in its store locator online as hours may vary by store on Black Friday.


Target has decided to heed the call to respect Thanksgiving and from now on will close its stores every year for the holiday. Depending on your location, stores will reopen at 7 am on Friday.

TJX Companies

T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, HomeSense and Sierra stores will be closed on Thanksgiving. Most stores are scheduled to reopen at 7 am on Friday.


Walmart again this year is running its “Black Friday Deals for Days” spreading deals for shoppers over the month of November. You can find the nearest store with the Walmart store locator.

The following stores will have at least some stores open for Thanksgiving.


Some locations will reduce hours or close for the holiday, so CVS recommends checking your nearest location’s hours. However, most locations, including 24-hour locations, will have regular hours on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Dollar General

Stores will open an hour earlier than usual, at 7 am, and close an hour later, at 10 pm. Regular hours resume for Black Friday.


Most locations will close by 5 pm on Friday, most will open an hour later than usual.


Stores will be open on Thanksgiving. Check with your local store to confirm hours.


Stores will be open on Thanksgiving. Check with your local store to confirm hours.


Hours may vary by location, with some closing early for Thanksgiving.


24-hour locations and 24-hour pharmacies will remain open, however most stores will have adjusted hours from 9 am to 6 pm.