LV 14 3 10 6 3 36
DAL 6 7 6 14 0 33


Cowboys vs Raiders summary: score, stats, highlights | NFL Week 12

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Cowboys vs Raiders live online: scores, stats and updates | NFL Week 12

Thanksgiving Game Day: Cowboys 33 vs Raiders 36 live

I definitely caught myself saying out loud "WHAT NOW" several times during this game...

The Cowboys put up a fight there at the end, but they needed to put up a fight the whole game. It wasn't enough and with Zuerlein's missed PAT and missed field goal attempt plus penalties out the whazoo, they were really just shooting themselves in the foot. The Raiders got the comeback win they were looking for with a defeat over the Cowboys on Thanksgiving.

And the field goal is GOOD - the Raiders win it 36-33 in OT!

It's a 29-yard attempt now for Carlson

The Cowboys get another False Start penalty which gives the Raiders a first down

Penalty on the Cowboys Neutral Zone Infraction, 5 yards, enforced at Dallas 21

Carlson 34-yard attempt but a penalty is called - False Start on the Raiders - 5-yard penalty


Dallas takes their first timeout of OT

Drake picks up another 4 yards and the Raiders are at 4th and 2

Jacobs gets no gain, Drake gets 4 yards and the Raiders are at 3rd and 6

Carr pass incomplete deep right to Jones but a penalty on Brown (his 4th of the day and the most fatal) gives the Raiders the first down - Defensive Pass Interference, 33 yards, enforced at LV 43

Raiders are at 3rd and 18 now

Carr is SACKED by Parsons again!

Jacobs tries again but Parsons stops him for a loss of a yard

Jacobs breaks through for a 21-yard run to the Dallas 29

REMINDER: The next score wins the game

Jacobs picks up 8 yards

Renfrow takes it to the LV 32 but there's a penalty on the Raiders this time - Illegal Block Above the Waist, 10 yards, enforced at LV 32

Anger punts it away

Prescott's pass to Brown is incomplete...Cowboys go three and out right off the bat

Prescott pass complete to Elliott but they're brought to 3rd down already

Prescott pass to Zeek for a gain of 3 - they'll need to do better than that

Carlson kicks it off and Pollard takes it to the Cowboys 14 for 12 yards

Penalty on Dallas - Illegal Block Above the Waist, 7 yards, enforced at Dallas 14


The game has gone into OT and the Cowboys will get the ball first after the toss

What a game the Cowboys and Raiders are giving us today for Thanksgiving! Tied up yet again 33-33 with 19 seconds left in the game.

Zuerlein 45-yard Field Goal is GOOD!

A second incomplete pass to Schultz brings Cowboys to 4th down

Prescott pass incomplete to Schultz - 3rd and 8


Prescott pass short to Elliott - 2nd and 8

Hobbs (Raiders) was also injured during the play - refs call a medical timeout

Raiders take second timeout

Perryman (Raiders) injured on the play

Prescott pass complete to Wilson for 10 yards and the 1st down at the Raiders 29


Dallas takes second timeout

Prescott pass complete to Gallup for 17 yards at the Raiders 39 - nearly picked but Gallup gets it!

Prescott pass to Elliott complete - 3rd and 3

Prescott pass complete high to Brown for a gain of 5

Prescott pass COMPLETE to Wilson for 11 yards and the 1st down at the Dallas 36

Prescott pass incomplete to Gallup - 2nd and 10 at the Dallas 25

The Raiders get the lead back by a field goal with a long 56-yard attempt by Carlson. The kicker can make all the difference. 1:56 still left in the game.

Carlson 56-yard field goal is GOOD

At 3rd and 3, Carr's pass to Moreau is incomplete


Two-minute warning

Carr passes to Renfrow for 7 yards at the Dallas 38

Penalty on Raiders - False Start - 5 yards - puts the Raiders back to the Dallas 40 - another terrible call by the refs as all he did was bob his head

Jacobs picks up 6 yards


Carr passes deep to Jackson to the Cowboys 45 for 30 yards

All of a sudden, we have a tie game in Dallas on Thanksgiving at 30-30 with a Schultz TD and a 2-point conversion!

They go for two and it is SUCCESSFUL!! It's a tie game 30-30 with just under 3 minutes!

Now, they HAVE to go for two!


Prescott pass COMPLETE to Dalton Schultz right into the end zone for 32 yards!

Prescott pass deep complete to Gallup for 32 yards! What a throw!

Cole punts it and Wilson runs it 14 yards to the Dallas 31

Another penalty on Raiders - Delay of Game - 5-yard penalty, Raiders 34

Raiders brought to 3rd and 12 after a penalty pushes them back and Carr's pass DEEP to Jones is incomplete - 4th and 12

Raiders have the ball back with 7 minutes left in the game, up by 8

The fourth three and out as Dak is SACKED on 3rd and 5

After Carr throws a huge pass for a 54-yard run to Renfro, the Raiders get within field goal range to give them an 8-point lead with 8:21 left in the game.

Penalty is on Dallas - Illegal Formation, but Raiders choose to decline and take the points - Carlson's 30 yard field goal is GOOD

Another flag is thrown on the kick...

Raiders are taken to 4th and 6 and they'll attempt the field goal

Carr passes deep down the middle Renfro for 54 yards all the way to the Dallas 15

The Cowboys will just keep on trailing by 5 here if they can't get the penalties under control. What should've been a TD and opportunity to tie up the game was instead a field goal because of their mistakes, and the Cowboys have 12 minutes to get their acts together.

Zuerlein Field Goal is GOOD

TOUCHDOWN NULLIFIED by Penalty on Dallas - Holding, 10 yards, enforced at Raiders 7 - No Play. Penalty on Dallas - Illegal Formation, declined

A touchdown is called but there is a flag on the play...

Prescott pass to Brown complete but short of the first - 3rd and 3

No such luck here - pass incomplete to Gallup in the end zone. He was wide open but trips up

Elliott picks up another 12 yards for the Cowboys at the Raiders 14

Prescott throws a HUGE DEEP pass to Gallup and it is CAUGHT for 41 yards! What a throw and what a catch!

At 3rd and 15, Carr's pass to Moreau is incomplete and Cole punts it away


Raiders get another first down, then an incomplete pass and a few timeouts by Las Vegas and that will do it for the third quarter

Carr pass to Jones, takes it up 35 yards

Cowboys immediately go three and out and Anger punts it away

Raiders were brought to third down a few times but they were able to convert and get within field goal range. Renfrow couldn't get out of a hold Lewis had him in that brought them to 4th down, but Carlson was able to make the 46-yard field goal.

Raiders are brought to 4th down again and they go for a 46-yard Field Goal and Carlson's kick is GOOD

Carr pass incomplete to Jackson at 3rd and 8 but penalty on Dallas Defensive Pass Interference gives the Raiders the first down


Dallas takes first timeout

At 3rd and 11, Carr scrambles and runs it 22 yards for the first down and then some

Would I have gone for two on that play? No, I would not. But I am not the Cowboys coach, against their better judgment really. But hey, let's not take away the excitement of that 100-YARD TOUCHDOWN by Pollard! WOW!

A penalty on the Raiders -  Leverage, 1 yard, enforced at Raiders 15 - Dallas elects to defer and go for the 2-point conversion but it fails so the Cowboys actually lose a point on that play

Zuerlein PAT is GOOD!!


POLLARD takes it allllllll the way 100 yards for a touchdown on the return!!

Raiders defense is still keeping the Cowboys out of their end zone and the offense is still running them up as they get their third TD with 7:14 left in the third quarter.

Carlson extra point is GOOD


Mariota comes in and he does the job he came in there to do

Another questionable penalty...

This time Roughing the Passer on Dallas after a tackle brings down Carr

Carr throws pass complete to Renfro for big 31-yard gain

Rair catch by Renfrow but a flag is thrown and it's on Dallas - Illegal Block Above the Waist, 10 yards, enforced at Raiders 15

Cowboys quickly brought to 3rd and 10 again and they give it to Pollard who only gets 7 and no penalty to help them this time - 4th and 3 and Anger punts it away

Prescott pass incomplete to Gallup but there's a penalty on the Raiders -Defensive Holding, 5 yard - Automatic First Down

Prescott two incomplete passes in a row - one to Elliott, one to Brown - 3rd and 10

Pollard gets a 12-yard gain on the next play, takes them to the Cowboys 29

Theeeere it is! And they'll call it...

Penalty on both Cowboys and Raiders - Disqualification - Offsetting Penalties

Uh oh...FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!! Tiemer and Joseph break out into a fight on the sideline and we're just chillin here waiting for a flag to be thrown

The Raiders get the ball after the half but they go 3 and out on 3rd and 3

Quarterback comparison:

Face to Face
Passing attempt
Passing completion
Passing yards
Passing completion percentage
Passing yards per attempt
Passing yards per completion
Passing touchdown
Passing rating
Passing longest
Passing sack
Rushing attempt
Rushing yards
Rushing yards per attempt
Rushing longest

Ouch...it ain't THAT bad!

Halftime Summary

Raiders take an early lead with a touchdown on their first possession, Cowboys respond with one of their own, but miss the PAT, the Raiders hand out another one and a Field Goal to the Cowboys and keep them out of their end zone until the Cowboys get their momentum going late in the half with another touchdown to make it a 5-point game.

I neither agree nor disagree with this stranger's tweet.


Jacobs tackled after 5 yards and that'll run out the time - end of first half


Jacobs gets the first down for the Raiders

First timeout taken by Dallas

With just 27 seconds to go in the first half, the Cowboys are finally able to make some big moves and get the ball into the end zone to make it a 5-point game just before halftime. It was an 87-yard drive before Elliott took it into the end zone on a 1-yard run.

Zuerlein extra point is GOOD!


Well, with only 1 yard to go, Elliott takes it right in.

After the 3rd down and 2, Pollard breaks through and nearly gets the touchdown and they rule it as so but they rule it just short after review - looks like his knee was down before the ball crossed the line


A handoff to Pollard will get the Cowboys to the Raiders 22 for another first down just at the 2-minute warning

Prescott shotgun pass to Wilson for a 51-yard gain! Toes are in and no flag is thrown - phew!

Carr pass is complete Renfrow to the Cowboys 46 for 13 yards - 4th down and 5 and they'll punt it away

Carr pass Jones for 27 yards - PENALTY Raiders - Illegal Use of Hands, 11 yards, enforced at Dallas 48 - No Play - 3rd and 18

Carr SACKED by Basham for a loss of 7 - FUMBLES but it's recovered by the Raiders at their 49

Zuerlein attempts a 59-yard Field Goal and it is NO GOOD - just hits the top right

Prescott pass incomplete to Wilson and it's 4th down Cowboys

Cowboys are brought to 3rd and 7 - they're 1/4 on 3rd down conversions

Prescott play action pass complete to Schultz who's hit hard by Perryman who's called for Unnecessary Roughness - he came in late on the play and could've easily been called on a helmet-to-helmet too

Prescott throws his first pass complete to Gallup for a 9-yard gain as he's pushed back just short of the 1st down and Pollard is able to get the 1st with a 4-yard gain

The Raiders are held to 3rd down twice but are able to convert and make some big breakthroughs to get down the field. They take Jacobs out and put Drake in and it cost them at the goal line. They don't get the TD but are able to get a 22-yard FG by Carlson with 8:50 still to go in the second quarter.

Carlson 22-yard Field Goal is GOOD!

Carr throws it and it is incomplete to Helm - 4th and goal

Raiders get a few yards and they're at 3rd and goal - still no Jacobs in

Drake gets the first down and the Raiders are at 1st and goal again

Jacobs breaks through again for another 11-yard gain and now the Raiders are bringing in Drake

Jacobs gets a big 17-yard gain after breaking through Kearse

Carr pass complete to Waller for a 21-yard gain but he's down and grabbing at his leg...looks to be his left knee

Carr pass complete to Jones and there's a Defensive Offsides penalty - declined

At 2nd and 10, Kearse swats the ball out of the air for an incomplete pass to Waller - 3rd down again, here we go

The Cowboys go 3 and out again, Raiders get it back and are brought to 3rd and 7 but the Cowboys get yet ANOTHER penalty - Holding on Diggs

That brings us to the end of the 1st quarter

Pollard breaks through with a huge run for 32 yards but another penalty ruins it for the Boys - Offensive Holding

Carlson extra point is GOOD!


The Cowboys penalties and mistakes didn't help them much here and the Raiders get it down the field mostly on their errors. Jacobs runs it in for the second Raiders TD in the first quarter.

Another first down 12-yard pass from Carr to Waller at the Dallas 35

A penalty puts the Raiders at 2nd and 15 and they're abe to get 5 yards on a pass to Renfrow. Carr passes to Edwards and a Pass Interference is called on the Cowboys to give the Raiders an automatic first down

Cowboys are way back after Wilson tried to run it back after the kick but was tackled hard by Ferrell and after a 2-yard gain, an incomplete pass to Wilson, a False Start, and another incomplete pass to Elliott, the Cowboys give the ball right back to the Raiders again. Diggs, where you at?

Carr is run out of bounds (technically "sacked" by Lewis) at the LV 27 so they're brought to 4th down

Carr pass to Waller is KNOCKED OUT by Kearse and Neal grabs it just before it goes out of bounds, tosses it back to Kearse who keeps it in for the Cowboys to get the ball back but the refs are terrible and called it an incomplete pass. Third down Raiders...

Cowboys act quick after the Raiders got their first TD and with 7:38 still left in the first quarter, Dak passed it 10 yards into the end zone to meet TE McKeon. Relying on the people he does have with his top WRs out.

Zuerlein misses the extra point...who can say why.


Prescott passes to McKeon for 10 yards and the TOUCHDOWN!

The Raiders didn't see this coming and Dak throws a big 17-yard pass to a wide open Wilson

Handoff to Pollard and he gets the 1st down - keep movin' it down the field

Dak gives it to Elliott again for a gain of 8 and Pollard who gets pushed back by Wright just short of the first down - 3rd and 1

Prescott passes to Brown for a 15-yard completion to the Raiders 44

Elliott gets it up the middle for a 5-yard gain and there's a penalty on the Raiders - Illegal Use of Hands - Automatic First Down

After the return, Pollard takes it up the middle for a gain of 6. You're gonna have to do more than that, Boys!

Off to an explosive start here for the Raiders. They brought Dallas to a real quick three and out and then got down the field and into the end zone in just 3 plays on their first possession.

Carlson's PAT is GOOD!


And there's that DeSean Jackson TD I predicted, albeit much sooner than I expected!

Carr's pass is complete to Waller and Diggs was all over him but almost only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades - 1st down Raiders

And it's a pass-off to Jacobs for a gain of 3 - 2nd and 7

Renfrow has a 21-yard return on that punt and the Raiders are at the LV 29

Dak throws it on the third down and passes it to Elliott but he's stopped by Abrams, bringing them to 3 and out and Anger punts it away

So far, they're doing as expected, handing it off to Elliott, but they're not gaining enough yardage here, already at 3rd and 4

Did the announcer just call him Zach Elliott? hmmm

The Cowboys and Raiders game is underway in Arlington Texas!

We're ready for some football!

Freddy Jones starting us off with the national anthem on the trumpet and a wonderful job he did!

Bold Predictions: Cowboys 21, Raiders 10

Well, I don't typically like to bet on or against the Cowboys and if you grew up watching them in the 2000's, you understand why. But hey, it's Thanksgiving, so why not?

The Cowboys are missing some key players, true. But they are also playing at home and have the turkey day advantage. I think last week and the Broncos game were both hiccups for the Cowboys and we were seeing a Dak who just wasn't on his game. I don't expect that this afternoon.

I expect to see a fiery Dak Prescott, maybe a few long passes to Gallup, including one in the end zone. I'm calling two more touchdowns for the Cowboys, one for Zeek and one for Pollard. I predict at least one Diggs interception as well.

As for the Raiders, I think they get a touchdown and maybe a field goal. But the Dallas defense wasn't the problem last week against the Chiefs. The Raiders don't have much on the ground attack and as soon as they put it in the air...that's where Diggs comes in. That one touchdown they get? I think it will be a pass to DeSean Jackson (just assuming Carr learned to not lean too much on Jacobs this time).

Raiders seek to stop their 3-game losing streak

The Raiders have lost their last three games in a row and that was costly for them. They're now in third place (at 5-5) in the AFC West behind the Chiefs and Chargers.

Beyond that, quarterback Derek Carr has thrown five interceptions in the last four games. The Raiders are going to need their defense to perform against the Cowboys. Though the Boys are out Cooper and Lamb, the Raiders will still need Casey Hayward Jr. and Brandon Facyson to protect against Gallup and Wilson. As for the run game, Denzel Perryman and Johnathan Abram will be the Raider's best bet against the Dallas duo of Zeek and TP.

Weather in Texas

As usual, it's a nice day in Arlington with sunny skies and 58 degree temps for this Thanksgiving Day game today. What do we think...will Jerry open the roof?

All about the run game for the Cowboys

Or at least it should be. Considering the Cowboys are out their top two receivers and also considering the way the passing game went (or didn't go, rather) last week...they'd be wise to rely on their RBs.

They have a pretty dynamic duo with Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard, and the Raiders allowed Joe Mixon to rush for 123 yards and two touchdowns against them last week. Zeke will be hungry, so may as well feed him.

Yeah, kid. We are thankful for those QBs too!

"You are greatly appreciated."  Awwww. :')

Is that a Black Friday sale? Naw, just a bunch of really excited Cowboys fans ready to be louder than the opponent this week!

CeeDee out vs the Raiders

I am sorry to start out this feed with the bad news, but hopefully it goes up from here. It's been confirmed that the Cowboys star WR CeeDee Lamb will sit this one out, which means the Cowboys are out two of their best receivers. Amari Cooper also remains out on the Reserve/Covid-19 list.

The Cowboys are airing on the side of caution with their key players this season and it is likely for the best. They will be needed once the games get tougher and the wins become more significant.

Hello and happy Thanksgiving! Welcome to our live coverage of the 54th edition of the Cowboys annual Thanksgiving Day game!

This year, they'll be taking on the Las Vegas Raiders and I am sure the Cowboys are thankful for the return of Tyron Smith and of course the health of their star quarterback Dak Prescott, who is having the best season of his NFL career.

So as you finish off your turkey and taters, make room for seconds in the NFL and don't get too sleepy because there is plenty of action and we will be covering it all here on AS USA.