SEA 7 2 0 6 15
WAS 3 6 8 0 17


Seattle 15 vs. 17 Washington summary: stats, scores and highlights | NFL Week 11



Washington Football Team’s defense dominated the Seattle Seahawks, and came up with the game winning interception on a failed two point conversion. The 17-15 victory is Washington’s third straight win since coming off their bye week.

Battle at the bottom of the NFC

Much of the talk coming into Monday night’s game from FedExField was surrounding the questionable defensive units of both teams. Washington silenced critics by shutting down Russell Wilson and holding the Seahawks to just 15 points.

The Seahawks were struggling to score in the weeks leading up to the game against Washington, and their struggles continued in Landover. Wilson gave the Seahawks the lead early on after a 55 yard pass play to Tyler Lockett set up a six yard touchdown pass from Wilson to Gerald Everett.

Taylor Heinicke drove Washington down the field after the defense forced an Alex Collins fumble late in the second quarter. Heinicke gave homeside the momentary lead when he hit J.D. McKissic on a 10 yard catch and run. The ensuing kick was blocked, recovered, and retuned for a “touchdown” by Rasheem Green to tie the game at 9-9 going into the halftime break.

Offense at a standstill in second half

Washington forced the Seahawks into a three and out on the opening possession of the second half, and constructed an 11 play five minute drive to take the 17-9 lead. They were forced to go for a two point conversion after place kicker Joey Slye was injured on the blocked kick in the first half.

The Seahawks failed to get a first down on their next three possessions and went through a stretch of over 20 minutes in which they didn’t move the chains once. Luckily for Seattle Washington’s offense hit a standstill until early in the fourth quarter.

Heinicke took over with 10:56 to go in the fourth quarter orchestrated 16 play, 84 yard drive that didn’t result in a score but ran over eight and a half minutes off the clock. Because the Slye was injured coach Ron Rivera decided to go for two different fourth down conversions on the drive. The final one was unsuccessful after it was ruled that Logan Thomas bobbled a would be touchdown catch with just over two minutes to go.

Fuller and Washington D come up with game winning play

Wilson and the Seahawks took for from their own four yard line and drove the marched down the field after the an almost stagnant second half on the offensive end. Wilson capped off the drive on a 32 yard strike to Freddie Swain with 15 seconds remaining, but the two point conversion attempt was intercepted by Kendall Fuller.

The ensuing onside kick was recovered by the Seahawks, but an illegal formation forced Seattle to take the kick again. Washington recovered the second try and the home side kneeled their way to victory.

Washington now a Wild Card team

Tyler Heinicke was 27/35 for 223 yards and a touchdown, while Antonio Gibson had 110 yards rushing and J.D. McKissic had a rushing and receiving touchdown.

The Washington defense held Russell Wilson to 233 yard, most of which were gained on the desperation drive at the end of the game.

Washington have now won three straight and are now the owners of the final Wild Card spot in the NFC after Week 12, while the Seahawks have lost six of their last seven.

Fuller with the game winning pick on the two point conversion

McKissic with TD number two to take the lead.

Green with the block, recovery and return of the PAT

McKissic with his first of two TDs.

A big defensive play by WAS set up a late TD drive in the first half

Seattle got the first touchdown of the game with an Everett TD receptions after a long pass from Wilson to Lockett.


This time the kick is recovered by Washington and that will do it! The Football Team win it in dramatic fashion and they do it with defense.

A late flag on SEA for illegal formation will erase the recovered kick and force the Seahawks to kick again.



Wilson goes over the middle but his throw is picked by Fuller!!! WAS leads 17-15 with 15 seconds left.

Onside kick coming up


Wilson steps up in the pocket and throws a strike to Swain on a 32 yard TD pass.
The Seahawks couldn't do anything all night long and they go 96 yards!

They still need a two point conversion.

Wilson completes over the middle for a short gain to Everett, but the clock keeps running.

Wilson finally hits Metcalf for the first time tonight with 1:02 to go in the fourth. 1st and 10 from the WAS 43.

Wilson scrambing left, but Toney chases Wilson down and drops him for a 9 yard loss.

Wilson incomplete on 3rd and 5 but a flag in the secondary is a pass interference penalty which will put SEA on their own 40.

Two Minute Warning

And here come the Seahawks, They are on their own 21 after three plays, and that takes us to the Two Minute Warning.

The refs rule that Thomas bobbled the ball so the touchdown will be taken off the board and Seattle will take over on their own 3 yard line after a turnover on downs

Heinicke with all kinds of time looks to Thomas over the middle, and it is ruled a touchdown although they will review the play as Thomas might have bobbled it.

Gibson on the run breaks a couple tackles, pops outside picks up a couple yards, but runs out of bounds stopping the clock. 4th down coming up and WAS will go for it with no kicker

After the long break, Heinicke hits Carter over the middle on 4th down and that keeps the chains moving and the clock running.

McKissic with a catch over the middle to get a chunk of 8 yards on 3rd and 12. He stays down injured after colliding with Diggs, he just sat up and is mobile but he will get carted off the field.

Remember Washington don't have a place kicker after Slye injured a hamstring in the first half.

The seas are parting for the WAS run game. Gibson just rattled off a 17 yard run and he's over 100 yards on the night.

If Washington can get a score, FG or TD, it will practiaclly end the game against a team that hasn't been able to move the ball all night.

Gibson gives Washington their first first down in four possessions. It's time for the run game to take over against a defense that has been on the field for a long time.

Wilson tried to run for another first, but he was dragged down by Toney after a short gain. The offensive momentum is short lived after Wilson broke SEA's first downless streak.

Wilson finally gives the Seahawks a 1st down for the first time since there were 4 minutes left in the second quarter, and he does it with his legs on a 12 yard run.

Gibson picks up the first down and more, but the 37 yard run will be brought back after a holding penalty on Scherff.

That's three straight 3 and outs for WAS.

Patterson stopped on 3rd and 1 and that will bring up 4th down from the SEA 46.

End of 3rd Q

Blitz coming from WAS and Wilson is sacked by Curl for a four yard loss. The Seahawks go 3 and out for the 5th straight possession, and Seatlle has not answers on the offensive end, they will be punting after the quarter change.

WAS go 3 and out for a second straight time, and this game has come to a stand still over the last few minutes.

Lets see if the Seahawks can get a first down for the first time in 17 minutes.

Wilson moves out of the pocket, and was lucky not to be intercepted. He was looking for Lockett who wasn't on the same page as Wilson. 4th consecutive 3 and out for the Seahawks.

Russ finally looked for DK but overthrew him on 2nd down.

WAS go 3 and out for the first time since their opening possession, and let's see if the Seahawks can get going.

When is DK Metcalf going to make an appearance? Russ hasn't looked for him once.

The Seattle defense has to be getting tired. The offense has gone 3 and out on the last three drive.

They have been on the field all night: 26 minutes of possession for Washington, 11 for Seattle.

Wilson incomplete again on 3rd and 3, and the worst 3rd down conversion team in the NFL will walk off the field down 8.

McKissic with his second touchdown of the night

Heinicke lead WAS on an 11 play, 73 yard TD drive.


McKissic following his blockers on a run up the middle and he dives into the endzone for a 10 yard TD run.

WAS will go for 2 with Slye injured. Gibson on the handoff and he gets into the endzone after pusing the pile.

Gibson picks up 11 yards, and that injured knee that took him to the sideline in the first half seems just fine.

Back to back first downs after McKissic picks up a first down on 3rd and 1, and Heinicke hits Gibson for 11 yards.

WAS are over midfield after a couple completions from Heinicke including a 20 yard catch and run to McLaurin

The Seahawks go 3 and out to start the second half after Wilson misses Everett who was mide open for the first down.

We have seen Russ throw some dimes tonight, but he has missed a couple of gimmies that we are more than used to seeing him complete. Not sure if that finger is still affecting him or not.

Start of 3rd Q

We are back in play from Landover and the Seahawks will get the ball first.

Washington had more than 21 minutes of possession, while Seattle had a little over 8.

Green with the block, recovery and run back

McKissic taking it into the endzone on a 10 yard run right before the half.

Wilson to Everett on the games first TD

Face to Face
Passing yards
Passing completion percentage
Passing yards per completion
Passing rating
Seattle Seahawks
  • 159Yards offensive
  • 145Passing yards
  • 14Rushing yards
  • 40Third down conversion rate

Washington's first half stats

Washington Football Team
  • 178Yards offensive
  • 116Passing yards
  • 62Rushing yards
  • 50Third down conversion rate
End of 2nd Q

So after a crazy last few minutes the first half comes to a close with Seattle and Washington tied 9-9.

Joey Slye appeared to injure his hamstring chasing down that blocked punt and that would leave WAS without their field goal kicker for the rest of the gae.

What a turn of events after Washington scores the touchdown. The returned blocked FG took all the gas out of this FedExField crowd.


Heinicke hits McKissic on a screen pass and he does the rest. He skipped over a tackle and followed his blockers into the endzone for a 10 yard touchdown.

The PAT is blocked by Green who recovered the ball and took it all the way to the opposing endzone. We are tied up 9-9 with under a minute to go in the first half.

Heinicke hits Carter for 16 yards, and a personal foul roughing the passer flag against Green will bring Washington down to the 13.

Washington's drive comes to a halt after Heinicke couldn't hit Humphries on the out route...

But a late holding call against the Seahawks' Amadi will extend the drive. 1st and 10 from the SEA 43.

Heinicke dropped in the backfield by Taylor for a 4 yard loss and Washington will stop the clock with a timeout.

Two MInute Warning

We are at the Two Minute Warning the Washington around midfield.


Wilson hit Colliins on the next play, but he had the ball punched out of his hand and it was recovered by WAS's Holcomb.

WAS take over from their own 27 after the second turnover in a matter of minutes.

Washington was driving after starting that possession from inside the 10, but now it's Seattle's turn to orchastrate a long drive,

And it starts with a 39 yard dime from Wilson to Lockett for that duos second big play of the night.


Hienicke tossed one up for grabs over the middle of the field, looking for Thomas, but he got trucked which popped the ball up and allowed Adams to come up with the pick.

WAS center Schweitzer went down, and walked off the field gingerly. We will keep an eye on his progress.

Heinicke just ducked under a would be sack, tucked it and ran for 3 yards. It wasn't a big gain but it got the biggest cheer of the night from the Washington fans.

The Seahawks are hitting on defense. There have been a couple pops on the Washington running backs that have rung around FedExField.

Jamal Adams and Bobby Wagner are bad dudes.

Dunlap jumps offside on 3rd and 3 and extends the Washington drive

Wilson was starting get into a rythym, but Eskridge caught a pass on 2nd and 10 on the sideline, and he was wide open but turned and stepped out of bounds coming up a yard short of the marker.

Dallas was stopped on a pitch play for no gain on the ensuing 3rd and 1, and the Seahawks are forced to punt.

The birthday boy hits Everett for the first TD on the game

Heinicke going deep down the sideline to McLaurin on third and long, but the pass is incomplete.  There was a lot of contact between McLaurin and the defender, but no flag was thrown.

Heinicke finally throws an incompletion after 8 straight completions.

What a fortunate play there for Washington. Heinicke was almost strip sacked, but the defelection ends up right in the hands of Gibson. Just a gain of a yard, but it could have been much worse for Washington.

End of 1st Q

That first quarter came to life with a couple of scoring drives. We head into the second quarter with Washington looking to take the lead back.

Six play, 75 yard drive that took just 2:39 off the clock


Wilson fires a dart into Everett on a 6 yard TD pass! That was Russell Wilson's first touchdown pass since Week 5.

Seattle with a quick drive down the field, sparked by the Lockett 57 yard reception, and unlike Washington they punch it in to the endzone to take the lead.

Russ goes deep on 3rd and 1 and finds Lockett wide open for a 57 yard catch and run. Big 3rd down conversion for the league's worst 3rd down team.

SEA down to the 11 yard line.

Washington went on a 15 play, 68 yard drive, but were stopped short of the endzone on the opening scoring drive of the night.


Washington will stay stuck on one touchdown in the first half after Heinicke's pass to McKissic was completed but for no gain.

Sly's 28 yard field goal splits the uprights and we have our first score of the game from FedExField.

Gibson got stopped on a 2nd and Goal run, and went down awkwardly. He went to the sideline with a bit of a limp.

We'll keep you posted on his progress.

Washington has scored just one touchdown in the first quarter. That's the fewest in the league, but they are on the 11 right now with a 2nd and 4.

Heinicke is 5 for 5 on this drive after missing his first two passes. Washington is in the red zone

Heinicke starting to get into a groove. He hits Bates over the middle for 15 yards, and Washington is in Seahawks territory.

We've got our first first down of the game, and it comes on a Gibson run on 3rd and 1. He got 7 on a brusing run up the middle.

Logan Thomas gets his first catch for Washington after missing the last six games with a hamsting injury.

Wilson sails a throw over Everett's head on third down and both teams exchange three and outs to open the game.

The Birthday boy Russell Wilson takes the field for the first time tonight as the Seahawks start their drive from their 24 yard line.

Heinickie throws into traffic on third down, and Washington go three and out to start the game. Heinicke has been extremely accurate over the last two wins, but was 0-2 on that short drive.

Start of 1st Q

We are underway from Landover, and the home team will start off with the first offensive possession.

The National Anthem just wrapped up and we are just minutes away from kickoff from FedExField!

Odds and predictions

According to Bet365.com the Seahawks are 1.5 point favories with the Over/Under set at 46.5.

I'm not a betting man, but I think Russell goes off today and carries the Seahawks to victory.

Washington will have most of their impact players available tonight.

Both QB1's showing some love pregame.

Washington showing off some home town drip

Will Russell Wilson be celebrating his birthday with a win tonight?

The Seahawks know how important this game is tonight for their playoff chances. It may be a slim chance, but they are still in the picture

The Seahawks rolling up to FedExField showing off the drip

Here's how things are shaping up in the NFC play off picture

DALDallas Cowboys
PHIPhiladelphia Eagles
WASWashington Football Team
NYGNew York Giants
GBGreen Bay Packers
MINMinnesota Vikings
CHIChicago Bears
DETDetroit Lions
TBTampa Bay Buccaneers
ATLAtlanta Falcons
NONew Orleans Saints
CARCarolina Panthers
ARIArizona Cardinals
LARLos Angeles Rams
SFSan Francisco 49ers
SEASeattle Seahawks

Defensive deficiencies

Both offenses should enjoy themselves tonight against two shaky defenses. Washington has allowed the most touchdown passes in the NFL while Seattle give up the second most yards per game in the NFL.

Heinicke hitting stride

Heinicke hasn't put up astronomical numbers in the two wins against the Panthers and the Bucs, but his passing accuracy has been fantastic and he threw for three touchdowns against the Panthers last week.

He seems to have Tom Brady's number. He nearly beat the Bucs last year in the playoffs, and got redemption in the 29-19 win over Tampa Bay two weeks ago.

Washington on the up

Washington has won their last two after a sluggish start to the season and Tyler Hienicke is starting to look like he may be the quarterback of the future in Washington.

Seahawks offense has had wings clipped

Russell Wilson has not had a come back to remember after suffering a broken finger. In his two weeks back Seattle was shutout by the Green Bay Packers two weeks ago, and only managed 13 points against the Cardinals last week

Seahawks falling fast

Hello everyone and welcome to Landover, Maryland where the Seahawks will take on the Football team. Both teams have entered the second half of the season in drastically different ways. Seattle come into tonight have lost five of their last six while Washington have won their last two.

Seattle vs Washington

The 3-7 Seattle Seahawks hit the road and head east to take on the Washington Football Team in a battle between to teams looking to stay relevant in the NFC Wild Card picture. AS English will be providing up to the minute scores, stats and analysis from FedExField.