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WFT vs. Cowboys summary: scores, stats and highlights, NFL Sunday

WFT vs. Cowboys summary: scores, stats and highlights, NFL Sunday

Cowboys @ Washington: summary: Score, stats and highlights

The Cowboys take the win against WFT

Mike McCarthy and the boys beat a Washington Football Team that could never defend well in the first two-quarters of the game. However, by halftime, the game seemed over, and Heinicke didn't seem able to figure out the Dallas defense.

Dallas was able to get three sacks and one interception. But most importantly, they were able to make them count. While WFT got two interceptions, they could only make it count once and when the game was almost in its last legs.

Mike McCarthy said this week they would win, and he delivered. The defense today was impeccable, and for three-quarters of the game, they were able to hold the WFT off pretty well. Nonetheless, Dallas did lose their concentration towards the end. McCarthy decided to run the ball and hold on to the passes that brought the team its best moments during the game. And the team seemed out of place.

For WFT, it was the injury by Heinicke that changed things for them as Allen came out to the field and seemed to be fresh and reading the game well. They scored twice and got the 2 point conversion, making the game a one-possession one. But in the end, the Cowboys brought in their defense mode and shut it down pretty quick.

1st & 10

And Cowboys ball. Let's see if they can keep it.

1st * 10

And WFT has one chace to make this count. Allen has proven to be more efficient than Heinicke

What a play by Holcomb

Holcomb scores out of the interceptions and makes this game a one-possession game with 5 minutes to go!!

WOW!!! COLE HOLCOMB intercepts Dak and scores the touchdown!!!

And WFT gets on the score baord. Allen gives the ball to Williams who scores the rushing TD.

4th & goal

For one yard Allen will go for it

What do you think of this sack?

This is the sack that killed WFT momentum. Great play by the Dallas defense

Collins gets ejected for protecting Dak on that last play on the sideline. He pushed King as he pushed Dak out of bounds after the release

3rd & 8

Dak slides and now is 3rd and 8. He runs to the line and throws and a catch for a 1st & 10th

Heinicke is out of the game and Allen is back in the game

This is what football is all about

Diggs show respects right after Sims catched a 50 yard touchdown pass

Let's get the 4th quarter started

Lawrence with the sack! And just when you thought WFT was getting in the game the Dallas defense sets them back

Antonio Gibson gets hit and fumbles the ball and Dallas gets the ball back. Not their day.

Sims and 50 yards

What a pla, what a play!!! How did he catch this.

And they go for it!! Heinicke runs for it and gets it! WFT seems to be in the game

Sims!! for 50 yards and with digs on his back!! Goes up in the airt to catch this

2nd & 4

And WFT seems to be geting there a nice decent drive for the first time

1st & 10

WFT runs the ball and gets that first down

And WFT to start their drive. Here we go again

3rd & 5

Thw boys don't seem to be on a hurry running the game down as much as they can

And Dallas gets it by runnig the game with Elliot

Dallas and they seem to be wanting to slow the tempo of the game

1st & 10

And the Cowboys start as they finish. Solid passing and WFT can't seem to find them.

Here we go! 3rd quarter and maybe the WFT will get in the game

Micah is built different

The boys are looking great

Let's see if they keep it up. The other night the Vikings got scared after being up by a big margin, and the Steelers came close and made it a one-possession game. So they need to be concentrated.

And we head out for halftime at FedEx stadium. WFT needs to change a lot if they want to have any chance of a comeback.

Dallas is looking great, and they seem like they can't lose with Micah Parsons on beast mode today.

Clements makes it 0-24! This game has just been played by one team

4th & 18

And the Cowboys have another field goal shot

2nd & 18

Didn't catch it and now 3rd & 18

J. Allen with the sack and 25s on the clock. Finally a play by WFT

And they get it! And now on the 10th. What is WFT doing? Do they even want to defend?

1st & 10

And Dak in motion for another field goal just under 45s to finish the 2nd quarter

That 12th sack

Yeah I'm gonna pick you up and put you on the floor

Defensive player of the year?

Man is there anything he can't do? Maybe he'll punt return too

And WFT fails again to even make it to the 20th of the Cowboys and the punting team comes up.

3rd & 20

And almost another pick! Diggs missed it by this much and again Heinicke not sure what he is seeing

2nd & 10

WFT will go for it again. But they have no running or passing game today.

For WFT and a small win for this OF

1st & 10

Heinicke with a 3 yard gain at the 20

Clements making it 0-21 after a failed 3rd down attempt by the Cowboys on an almost pick

2nd & 6

Presscot for the TD and incomplete

The OL for WFT is having a really bad day. They can't seem to cover the blitz. Parsons is everywhere and they can't seem to find him. In addition, Heinicke is not having great day, he is rushing and he seems scared of the tackle.

1st & 10

At their 20 the "Boys" will get back at it.

4th & 6

Heinicke is not here today. Bad play to the middle and the WFT can't drive to the Cowboys endzone.

2nd 10

Heinicke pressure and goes for Gibson for a 3 yard gain

Who if not him!

Is he really a rookie? I want to see some ID

2nd & 10

Micah Parsons again!!! Two sacks today wow. And WFT can't even make it to the third down

1st & 10

Heinicke what are you doing? He runs for it and throws almost another interception. He is not having his best game

We start the 2nd quarter and it's not looking good for WFT

Parson's sees Parson's sacks!

The rookie is a sack machine and the Cowboys are loving it. Look at this play.

Clement scores an easy FG

Armstrong runs for 35yrds and scores of the fumble that Micah Parsons created

WOW what a play by MICAH PARSONS!!!! who is better than the rookie!!! Sack and fumble that the Cowboys drive to the endzone. Incredible what this kid is doing. 11th fumble for him

4rd & 3

Heinicke will go for it on the 4rd down

Heinicke will throw for the first down and looking for Gibson

Dak and Cooper for the 1st TD

They go for it and they make 0-11

Cooper for the Cowboys. Nice pass down the middle by Dak and that flag cost the WFT some points.

3rd &10

Dalla will throw for the TD. 2 yards short. But flag on defense and they will get another shot at it.

Dallas. They need to calm down. Theird offense has been good, but after that interception Dak might be a bit weary.

To recap, Gregory tips the ball and in the air catches it in order to get that interpception. This will for sure be in any highlight of the week.

Another interception but this time by Dallas. Heinicke again was near his receiver and now the Cowboys will get the ball back. Randy Gregory with the pick

3rd 20

And Washington to drive and get that first down

2nd & 6

Dak throws and Collins catches a ball that was no where near any receiver. Not sure what Presscot was trying to do

2nd & 6

Dak on the ball and passes to Lamb. His second of the day and the Cowboys moving fast.

Rocky is ready are you?

Go get your ships fast!! this is getting exciting.

Washington punts and a flag is drawn. Offiside by defense and the Cowboys messed the return and will now start from almost their endzone

3rd & 8

Washington draw their first flag and will lose 5 yards to make it 3rd and 13

Now it is Washington's turn and Heinicke will have a chance to put some points up the baord for his team


Clement puts the first 3pts of the day and the Boys are on the score board.

Dallas will try a field goal after they fail to get the first down on 3rd and 9. Great drive dor Dak and the cowboys.

Elliot catches the ball from Dak and first down on the third and 10. This is turning to be a great prgression from the Cowboys

1st & 10

Dak to Cede Lamb

Here we go!!

Dallas wins the coin toss and Dak will throw first

Washington is fired up!!

Let's see how Antonio Gibson does tonight. The Running Back has been great for the WFT and today might be a great opportunity to continue to show that he is a start

Are you ready?

Wanna see Micah Parson in action already? The rookie has been great for Dallas this year.

Is it necessary?

Not sure why the Cowboys did this, but it hasn't sit well with people that they flew their own benches. 

For your fantasy football team needs

WFT looking ready!

The Cowboys and their benches

Dallas brought their own benches to Washington, and we don't know what to think

Pollard out

The running back didn't make it in time from his injurey and the Cowboys won't have him today.


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