How much money do the Golden Globe winners get in each category?

Actual prize money is nothing, but the prestige of awards can lead to greater financial reward in future films and projects.

How much money do the Golden Globe winners get in each category?
Mark Ralston AFP

Despite the controversy surrounding this years awards ceremony, the Golden Globes are being hosted Sunday night. Sit down, relax, take out your phone and open twitter, cause it's one of the few ways to follow proceedings. No Ricky Gervais to rip into actors, no live speeches or hosts. Nada.

While audiences may be disappointed (or not!), actors receiving awards could be due a decent windfall. Not from the actual award really, but from the prestige it confers, leading to bigger roles they could receive in the future.

So what money can they win?

Winning a Golden Globe doesn't confer any immediate monetary gain. However, They aren't won for nothing, so winning an award probably means your film is going to win some more awards. Huge recognition can be gained by winning, leading to increased fame, stardom, and more chance of a top billing on a film.

Actors usually get a cut, albeit small, of each film's earnings, along with what they were paid to be there in the first place. Winning awards can convince people to see films, or lead to actors getting higher percentage cuts of future films they will work on.

Moneynation.com uses the example of Oscar Isaac. After winning a Golden Globe in 2014 for Inside Llewyn Davis, in which he earned $80,000, he made millions from his next two major roles in Ex Machina  and Star Wars. Now, this could be incidental as these roles were organized before the awards, but they are a good indicator for how recognition for acting prowess leads to a better career. Not rocket science, really.

Obviously, this helps less established actors more than famous ones. Robert DeNiro won't be getting ever-increasing rates for his films after winning awards at this stage of his career.

However, the Golden Globe Awards might not be as good a barometer much longer. The pared-down ceremony for 2022 is in the wake of massive turmoil for the awards. Boycotts are expected as the tarnished reputation of the awards is yet to be repaired.