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Raiders 19-26 Bengals summary: score, stats, highlights | NFL Wild Card Weekend game

The Cincinnati Bengals held off a final drive from the Las Vegas Raiders in Cincinnati to win their first play-off game in 31 years, 19-26..

Bengals win a playoff game for the first time in 31 years!

It all came down to the last play of the match, with the Raiders seven points behind and needing a touchdown, which they couldn't get. The Bengals win in the playoffs for the first time since 1991!

Joe Burrow threw for 146 yards and two touchdowns in the first half where the Bengals went behind after six minutes from a Carlson FG, but looked in control from the moment they scored their first TD with five minutes of the first half remaining, with Uzomah catching a seven-yard pass.

The Bengals pushed their lead out to 6-20 close to the end of the first half, thanks to a controversial TD which should have been denied. Burrow’s neat feet kept him in bounds to throw to Tyler Boyd, but an official erroneously blew the whistle as he threw. The down should have been repeated but was allowed to stand. The NFL have said they'll comment on the play after the game.

The Raiders coped with their disappointment to put together an 80-yard drive with the clock running down to bag a TD and make it a seven-point game at half-time.

Bengals picked up a FG after a 40-yard drive at the start of the second half. 

Raiders' Brandon Facyson ruled out with concussion as is Divine Deablo. 

Interception seals the deal! Bengals win!

The Bengals win their first playoff game since 1991 to break the Curse of Bo!

What a game. The Raiders were struggling in the first half but made a comeback in the second and had a chance to tie up the game with seconds left. An interception on 4th and goal ruined that opportunity and ended the Bengals' playoff drought.

The Bengals will advance to the second round of the playoffs!

The Bengals will win their first playoff game in 31 years!!

Carr pass is INTERCEPTED by Pratt!!!!

Hilton is all over Renfrow in the end zone and he slips in the end zone for an incomplete pass, Raiders are at 4th and goal


Carr throws it into the end zone to Jones but it's blocked by Bates and it's 3rd and goal


Carr pass complete to Jones for the 1st down and they're at 1st and goal!


Raiders are at 3rd and 10 again at the Bengals 19

What a throw by Carr and what a great catch by Waller!!! The Raiders get the 1st down on a 23-yard pass!

Hill SACKS Carr, brings Raiders to 3rd and 17

Jacobs gets a 15-yard run and there's a PENALTY on the Bengals (Roughing the Passer) to give the Raiders a 30-yard gain

With 1:51 left to go, the Raiders get the ball back at the 35 after the punt


That brings us to the 2-minute warning

Bengals can't convert on 3rd down and they'll give the ball back to the Raiders to give them another opportunity on a one-score game.

Burrow pass complete to Uzomah but only for a 7-yard gain so they're stuck at 4th and 4 to give the Raiders another chance to score


Bengals take second timeout


Raiders take third timeout

Bengals are held to 3rd and 11 at the Bengals 24.

The Raiders don't get the TD they need here, but they are able to make it a one-score game with a 28-yard field goal with 3:34 left in the game.

Carlson 28-yard field goal is GOOD!

Two incomplete passes by Carr bring the Raiders to 4th and 3 at the Bengals 10

Jacobs takes them up to the 17-yard line and the Raiders have one more timeout but the clock is running and the Raiders are moving quick

Carr pass is complete to Jackson for 26 yards and the Raiders get the 1st down!


Raiders take their second timeout

The Raiders are going for it on 4th and 5...

The Bengals defense is all over the Raiders. Aat 3rd and 5, Carr's pass is way overthrown to Edwards

Carr throws a 13-yard pass to Waller and the Raiders need to move quick to make something happen before giving the ball back to the Bengals

The Raiders get some help here as a penalty on the Bengals (Holding) gives them the automatic 1st down

Jacobs makes a 19-yard run but there's another penalty on the Raiders - Inelligible Downfield Pass - 5-yard penalty puts them back to 2nd and 12

Bengals get down the field to the Raiders 10 but decide not to chance it at 4th and inches and go for the field goal instead. The 28-yard kick by McPherson is good and the Bengals lead by 10 with 6:46 left in the game.

Bengals decide to go for the field goal and it's GOOD!


Bengals take their first timeout

Bengals are stopped short on 3rd and 1 at the Raiders 10 and it'll be 4th down and inches

Chase makes two big plays in a row, for 19 yards and 11 yards to bring the Bengals to the Raiders 30

The Raiders' penalties are really hurting them as two holding calls set them back to the 19 when they were just 1-yard shy of a touchdown. They're at least able to get the field goal and make it just a 5-point game with 14:17 left in the 4th quarter.

Carlson makes the 34-yard field goal!

Raiders are held to 4th and goal after those penalties and instead of a TD, they'll settle for a FG


Carr pass incomplete to Waller and that'll bring us to the end of the 3rd quarter. Bengals lead by 10 points.

Jacobs runs it to the 1-yard line but there's another flag on the play and this time it's a Holding call on the Raiders.

These penalties are killing the Raiders. 2nd and goal back at the 19

Carr under pressure throws it away to bring the Raiders to 2nd and goal

Carr pass complete to Edwards for 16 yards to bring the Raiders to 1st and goal!

Carr pass incomplete to Moreau but there's a Pass Interference call so the Raiders get the automatic 1st down

Bengals Hilton was injured during the play

A Holding penalty set the Raiders back and at 3rd and 8, Carr passes to Renfrow to make it 4th and 3 and it looks like they'll go for it

The Raiders get the 3rd down conversion on a big 16-yard pass to Renfrow to put the Raiders at the 42 and the 1st down


Carr makes a deep pass to Edwards but he's covered by Apple (nearly intercepted) and it's incomplete. 3rd and 11

Raiders get a Holding penalty on what would have been a big play for the Raiders, 1st and 20

On the punt return, Renfrow muff catches it at the 27

Bengals get the ball back and they get a costly penalty, Illegal Block Above the Waist that sets them back 10 yards at 2nd and 12, then 3rd and 12, and then a SACK on Burrow by none other than Crosby! And suddenly the Bengals are stuck at 4th and 23 and forced to punt it away again.

Another play under review

Carr pass to Renfrow is caught but he loses it as his second foot comes down

Ruling on the field was a complete pass but Bengals challenged it and the call was REVERSED. Incomplete pass, 4th down at the 42.

A technical replay on the field saves the Raiders from having to challenge a pass to Edwards, ruled as a catch

Carr pass complete to Waller for a 12-yard gain, takes them to the 36.

Bengals Ogunjobi was injured during the play

Bengals take the ball midway down the field but can't get it into the red zone. They instead kick a field goal to make it a 10-point lead with 10:56 left in the 3rd quarter.

Carlson 43-yard field goal attempt is GOOD!

Burrow's pass to Chase is complete and he gets them 9 yards to put them into field goal range

Burrow pass to Higgins is incomplete and that brings them to 3rd and 15


The refs rule that the Raiders timeout was called before the play

No Roughing the Passer call (incidental contact)

Burrow makes a big pass to Chase who catches it in bounds but there are flags down on the play

Raiders Jefferson was injured on the play

Burrow to Mixon, Burrow to Chase, Burrow to Uzomah and the Bengals get all the way up to the Raiders 28 within minutes

Bengals up by a TD at the half

For the Bengals, Joe Cool ran for 146 yards and 2 touchdowns in the first half! He is looking calm and collected out there.

The Raiders are making some costly mistakes but are still only down by a TD so if they can clean it up a bit, they will have a chance to win this.

The controversial late whistle

There will definitely be some controversy over this touchdown play. You can hear how late the whistle is blown and it probably should've been reviewed and called incomplete.

Carr to Jones to make it a one-score game before the half!


Burrow kneels it to end the first half

And we have a game! The Raiders desperately needed a touchdown to end the half and they got it with a big pass from Carr to Jones!

Carlson PAT is GOOD!


On 2nd and 10, Carr makes the pass to Jones 14 yards for their first touchdown of the night just before the half!

Carr pass is complete to Waller this time and the Raiders have 23 seconds and one timeout left at the Bengals 15


Raiders take their second timeout

An incomplete pass by Carr to Waller goes way over his head and they're brought to 3rd and 6


Raiders take first timeout

Carr scrambles and makes a 20-yard run on 3rd down to put the Raiders at the Bengals 24

Raiders need to make something happen here

The Bengals make some huge plays to get down the field and Burrow is so impressive, he keeps the ball alive at 3rd and 4, looks like he's just going out of bounds under pressure, but's a touchdown pass to Boyd instead! The Bengals are up by two scores with just under 2 minutes left in the half.

McPherson PAT is GOOD!


WOW! Burrow was under pressure and makes the throw JUST before stepping out of bounds and Boyd catches it in the back of the end zone!!!


At the two-minute warning, the Bengals are at 3rd and 4 at the Raiders 10

Raiders Divine Deablo injured on the play

Burrow throws it to Chase and he runs it 15 yards to get the Bengals the 1st down!

At 3rd and 1, Burrow throws it to Boyd but it's incomplete and they'll go for it on 4th down

Burrow makes another long pass to Chase in the end zone but Hayward covers him nicely and it's incomplete

Another big Burrow pass to Uzomah for 29 yards brings the Bengals to the Raiders 40!

The Raiders get into the red zone this time with some huge runs from Jacobs but they just couldn't maximize where they needed to. The Bengals defense holds them to 4th down and they have to settle for a field goal. Bengals lead by 7 with 7:55 left in the 2nd quarter.

Carlson 28-yard field goal is GOOD!

Carr makes the (very catchable) pass to Jackson but he drops it and they'll settle for a FG attempt

Carr under pressure but he's able to get away and makes the pass to Jackson but Hilton is all over him and the Raiders are at 3rd and 8

Jacobs runs it 14 yards to start the drive and then 35 to put the Raiders into the red zone right away!

Johnson runs it 35 yards to the Raiders 39 to give the Raiders much-needed good field position.

The Bengals get the ball back quick again after a Derek Carr sack by Hubbard. They get down into the red zone on a big play pass to Chase but they're held to 4th and goal after a Burrow sack by Jefferson. The 30-yard FG is good to put the Bengals up by 10 with 10:23 to go in the 2nd quarter.

McPherson 30-yard field goal is GOOD!

At 3rd and goal, Burrow is SACKED by Jefferson!

Burrow passes to Chase and he jumps up to catch it in the air for a huge gain of 28 yards, puts the Bengals at 1st and goal!

Carr is SACKED by Hubbard for a loss of 7 yards, looked like a safety but they'll call it just outside. The Raiders punt it away, Taylor takes it back 14 yards to the Raiders 45.



End of first quarter

That noise in The Jungle really is affecting the Raiders as they get yet another False Start penalty

On the kickoff, Barber grabs the ball, ran out of bounds at the Raiders 2 for no gain. A big mistake from Barber to put the Raiders at terrible field position.

After Hendrickson forces a fumble on a Carr sack, the Bengals get the ball back in great field position. They don't get the TD but they get a field goal out of it and now the Bengals are up 10-3 with just over a minute left in the 1st quarter.

McPherson makes the 31-yard field goal!

Burrow is under pressure and he throws the ball away to put them at 4th and 8

Mixon takes the ball 7 yards down the field but at 3rd and 3, they get a False Start penalty to put them at 3rd and 8.

Carr is under pressure and then SACKED by Hendrickson!

The ball comes loose and it is picked up by Hendrickson who runs it 11 yards and the Bengals will get the ball at the Raiders 15!

The Raiders aren't getting anywhere fast. They get another False Start on 2nd down and Renfrow makes a tough catch above his shoulder to bring them up to 3rd and 8.

Bengals get the first TD of the game

At 3rd and goal, Burrow makes the pass to Uzomah for 7 yards and he catches it for a Bengals TOUCHDOWN with 4:43 left in the 1st quarter!

McPherson PAT is good!


That Burrow-Chase connection continues! They make another 1st down to bring them to the Raiders 31. Then it's Mixon to get them a gain of 21 and bring them the Raiders 10-yard line!

Chase makes the catch on the 2nd down for 11 yards and another later on for 17 yards and his ability to get those two feet down is important for the Bengals!

Joe Burrow's first pass of the night to Ja'Marr Chase is incomplete. This is Burrow's first playoff appearance as well.

The Raiders move fast down the field but the Bengals defense is too much for them to get past. At 4th down at the Bengals 28, they settle for a field goal to get some points on the board on their first possession of the game.

Carlson 37-yard field goal attempt is GOOD!

Carr under pressure and he scrambles and gets away, throws it but it is batted away by Bengals Mike Hilton

And the Raiders are at 3rd and 3 another time

It is LOUD in Cincy!

Greg Olsen is calling fast plays and Jones nearly gets the 1st down but at 2nd and 1 they get a False Start penalty to set them back 5 yards.

That Bengals defense held the Raiders to 3rd down twice now, but the Raiders are able to convert it yet again with a Carr pass completion to Waller for 8 yards

Raiders are utilizing their weapon Josh Jacobs to get them a few yards but it's a 17-yard pass from Carr to Jones that puts them at the 50-yard line

Bengals win the toss and defer it so the Raiders will start us off on offense for this first NFL playoff game of the post season!

Moments away from kickoff in Cincinnati!

Bengals vs Raiders: Injury Report

Raiders Injury Report

Johnathan Hankins, DT:  Questionable
Richie Incognito, OG: Questionable
Nick Kwiatkowski, ILBA: Questionable
Johnathan Abram, SS: Out
Kenyan Drake, RB: Out
Gerald McCoy, DT: Out
Denzelle Good, OG: Out

Bengals Injury Report

Stanley Morgan,WR: Questionable
Auden Tate, WR: Questionable
Akeem Davis-Gaither, LB: Out
Jordan Evans, OLB: Out
Xavier Su’a-Filo, OG: Out
Darius Phillips, CB: Out

The Bengals get a shoutout from the White House

The Bengals clinching the AFC North and making it into the playoffs is pretty exciting. Even White House press secretary Jen Psaki thought so. On Friday, as she was ending her press briefing, she gave a shoutout to the Bengals:

“One last thing. The Bengals are playing tomorrow. I’m just giving it a shout out so that my husband will be excited at home. They haven’t won a playoff game in 31 years.”

Derek is incredibly smart, and he’s one of the most natural quarterbacks I’ve ever been around as far as how easily he spins the ball.

Brian Callahan, Bengals Offensive Coordinator

Bengals could break the Curse of Bo

The Raiders and Bengals both ended their regular seasons at 10-7. The Bengals ended their season as the AFC North champions by beating the Chiefs in week 17. They were able to rest their starters and relax in week 18. The Raiders clinched their playoff berth in week 18, with an overtime win over the Chargers, so they’ll be coming tired into a road game in cold temps.

The Curse of Bo could very well be broken tonight.

The Bengals haven’t won a playoff game since 1990, 31 years ago. They beat the Oilers in the wild card round but lost in the divisional to the Raiders. In that game, their star running back Bo Jackson suffered a hip injury which ended up ending his career. Since then, the Bengals have lost all eight of their playoff appearances, suffering from the Curse of Bo.

Today, the Bengals will have the opportunity to beat the team that put them into this curse in the first place and break it once and for all.

The Bengals won their last matchup against the Raiders 31-13 and since then, quarterback Joe Burrow has regained strength in his knee and thrown for 525 and 446 yards over the last two games. He led the Bengals to a sweep over both the Steelers and the Ravens, as well as a win over the Chiefs to win their division.

The Raiders defense is struggling with 25.8 points allowed per game and 114.3 rushing. They couldn’t stop Joe Mixon in their last meet up and it’s not likely they’ll be able to this time either, especially in freezing temperatures.

Freezing temps expected for Bengals vs Raiders

The weather for today’s game is going to be nippy. There was snow in Cincinnati earlier in the morning, but it didn’t stick, so the field should be dry but temperatures will be just around freezing during the game. The high is set to be around 33 degrees and winds at about eight to ten miles per hour.

That doesn’t bode well for Derek Carr, who has a history of losing in temperatures below 37 (five losses in that situation, to be exact). This will be the quarterback’s first playoff appearance, but now he’s up against the Bengals and Mother Nature.

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Raiders at Bengals NFL playoff game!

The Wild Card weekend kicks off at 4:30 p.m. ET at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati. We’ll be here to give you live commentary, updates, and scores as the game happens!


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