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Hurricane Idalia live updates: Florida braces for powerful winds and life-threatening storm surge

Hurricane Idalia: live updates

Hurricane Idalia live updates


- Idalia reaches Category 2 hurricane status Tuesday afternoon

- Could strengthen to Category 3 before it makes landfall along Florida coast Wednesday

Hurricane Idalia path forecast to take storm over Florida's Big Bend

- Gov. Ron DeSantis has declared a state of emergency for 46 counties in Florida

- Schools closed in advance of Idalia's arrival

- Mandatory and voluntary evacuation orders in over 20 counties


Idalia path moves slighty to the west, still aiming for Big Bend

The latest models for Idalia's path have the potentially Category 3 hurricane when it makes landfall slamming into the Florida Gulf Coast slightly further north and west, still in the Big Bend region. After which it is forecast to move inland over southern Georgia before going out over water again exiting near the North-South Carolina border.


View of Hurricanes Idalia and Franklin in close proximity from space

Hurricane Franklin has grown into a Category 4 monster of a storm currently making its way toward Bermuda. Hurricane Idalia, currently a Category 2, has the potential to become a major storm in its own right forecasted to reach Category 3 before it makes landfall, predicted to be Wednesday morning.

Were the two to get closer to each other,the Fujiwhara Effect explains what would happen.


Idalia path moves west, catastrophic storm surge warning

Idalia's path toward landfall along the Gulf Coast of Florida has shifted slightly to the west, but is still predicted to make landfall in the Big Bend region of the state.

The National Hurricane Center is warning of "catastrophic impacts from storm surge" which could reach up to 15 feet above ground. 

Additionally, "there is the potential for destructive life-threatening winds" in the area where the core of Idalia moves onshore.

Hurricane Warnings are in effect for northern Florida and southern Georgia where Idalia's center is forecast to track.


Severe Thunderstorm Warning extended further north in South Florida

Outer bands of Hurricane Idalia are battering South Florida bringing heavy rainfall and strong winds of 55 to 65 mph approaching Florida City and Homestead. The Miami National Weather Service advises to seek shelter.


Idalia strengthens to Category 2 hurricane

The National Weather Service has upgraded Hurricane Idalia to a Category 2 as of 5pm ET with maximum sustained winds of 100mph. The tempest is moving north at 16 miles per hour with large feeder bands lashing South Florida.

Hurricane Idalia in Florida: Who should evacuate? Complete list of areas with evacuation orders

Idalia could strengthen to a Category 3 hurricane as it heads toward Florida. Who should evacuate?

Complete list of areas with evacuation order.


Intense outer band of Idalia pushing north over south Florida

Hurricane Idalia is pushing across the Gulf of Mexico en route to slam into Florida's Big Bend some time early Wednesday. However, some Floridians are already dealing with the heavy rainfall, strong winds and storm surge that the tempest will batter the state with.

The most intense portion of one of the outer bands is currently appraoching Lake Okeechobee.

What happens when two hurricanes collide? The Fujiwhara Effect explained

Two hurricanes are churning in the Atlantic Basin prompting the question of what happens if they collide with each other.

The Fujiwhara Effect explains…


Heavy rainfall expected along Idalia path beyond Florida up East Coast

Much of the focus currently is where Idalia where make landfall and how strong the hurricane will be when it does. However, those living along the East Coast from Florida to Virginia should be prepared for heavy rainfall even once Idalia loses its hurricane status warn The Weather Channel.


Idalia outer band over Florida Keys approaching coastal Collier County

While Idalia is still out in the Gulf of Mexico north of western Cuba, the currently Category 1 hurricane is already being felt by those in the Florida Keys. An intense outer band is moving through the islands, approaching southwest Florida and could affect coastal Collier County within the next couple hours.


Idalia evacuation "The time is NOW"

Idalia strengthened to a Category 1 Hurricane on Tuesday morning and could reach Category 3 status within 24 hours. Over 20 counties have issued mandatory and voluntary evacuation orders. Florida Division of Emergency Management provides information on the flood risk in your area and updated evacuation orders that have been declared on their website.

Hurricane Idalia to hit Florida: Complete list of counties that will be affected

Idalia has been upgraded to a hurricane, and is expected to make landfall on the Florida coast tomorrow morning along the Big Bend region or the northwest coast. As such, 46 counties have been placed under a state of emergency.

DeSantis is urging all residents to heed any evacuation orders issued in their area and seek higher ground.

Here are the counties that have been declared to be in a state of emergency.


NWS warns of possible massive destruction in Florida

National Weather Service Director Ken Graham warns of the possible massive destruction that Hurricane Idalia could cause in Florida.

He says there are indications that the storm could be as destructive as previous weather systems whose names began with the letter I.

What to do in the event of a prolonged power outage: tips and how to prepare

Hurricane Idalia is now threatening Florida, which is bracing itself for flash flooding that could possibly affect many households. Such potent weather events can cause power outages, which sometimes can last much longer than just a couple of hours.

An extended period without electricity can be challenging because of the discomfort and risks that it brings. The best way to handle it is through proper preparation, which you can start as soon as you learn of a severe weather warning.


Hurricane Idalia strengthens, Florida warned of extremely dangerous conditions

Idalia has strengthened to a Category 1 hurricane now over the Gulf of Mexico moving north. The outer bands of the tempest are already lashing parts of Florida and hurricane conditions are expected in parts of the state beginning this evening, according to the Weather Channel. The storm could be at Category 3 strength when it makes landfall tomorrow.

Idalia will spread heavy rain, strong winds and storm surge along the Southwest coast.

 How to best prepare for hurricane season in Florida

Those that live in hurricane-prone areas should be prepared in the event that they are walloped by the monster storms. Here’s what FEMA recommends…


School closures mount as Hurricane Idalia strengthens over Gulf of Mexico

Authorities in Florida are issuing school closures for areas in Idalia’s path ahead of its expected landfall on Wednesday morning. The storm is expected to slam into the Gulf Coast around the Big Bend potentially as a Category 3 hurricane.

Check with the Florida Department of Education to see if the schools in your district will be closed.


Biden approves Emergency Declaration for Florida

Idalia's path will carry the now Category 1 hurricane over the extremely warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico as it makes its way toward Florida. It could potentially become a Category 3 hurricane within 24 hours before making landfall in the early hours on Wednesday.


Hazardous conditions will extend outside Idalia path

Authorities are advising Floridians to be alert for any warnings issued in there area even if they are not in the forecast path cone for Idalia. 

The cone that forecasts the path of a tropical storm or a hurricane but does not indicate the size of the storm. Impacts from gusty winds, heavy rainfall and storm surge which will extend far outside the area shown.


Florida authorities call on citizens to report price gouging as Idalia approaches

Florida's "Disaster Preparedness Tax Holiday" kicked off on 26 August and just in time. The Sunshine State is staring down a potentially major hurricane expected to make landfall early Wednesday. 

However, as Floridians stock up on supplies they will need to confront the incoming storm, state authorities are warning them to watch out for retailers jacking up prices. Residents are advised to report any unscrupulous vendors during the state of emergency.


Hello and welcome to AS USA's live coverage of Hurricane Idalia

Florida is bracing for the arrival of Hurricane Idalia plowing north through the Gulf of Mexico potentially becoming a Category 3 before it makes landfall on the Gulf Coast of the Sunshine State. The current predictions place Hurricane Idalia's path hitting somewhere along Florida's Big Bend in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

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