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Mauna Loa volcano eruption live: latest news and updates from Hawaii, alerts, ashfall

Helicopter cockpit aerial view of lava spewing out during Mauna Loa's eruption in Hawaii.

Mauna Loa volcano eruption: live updates

Mauna Loa eruption: live footage and headlines

- Latest eruption began on Sunday night at Moku'āweoweo, at the volcano's summit. Current Volcano Alert Level: Warning. Aviation color code: Red

- "Lava flows are contained within the summit area and are not threatening downslope communities," officials said.

- The volcano last erupted in March and April of 1984

Check out live images of the eruption in Mauna Loa. 


New images from Mouna Loa amaze viewers

Gorgeous images from Reuters of the volcanic eruption on Hawaii's Big Island provide insights into a natural phenomenon few people will ever see in person. As the night sky moves in, you can better see the lava flows, which so far are not threatening communities in the area. 

Mauna Loa

Fastest recorded high volume eruption of Mauna Lao

Mauna Lao had been sleeping for nearly four decades until it spewed forth lava on Sunday. The world's largest volcano has erupted on average roughly every six years for the past 3,000 years. While ever eruption is a spectacular event, the "Long Mountain" has had some truly incredible events in the past.

An eruption in 1950 saw the fastest high volume eruption in recorded history. The lava that began spewing from on 1 June and ejected 492 million cubic yards of lava. Molten rock from one vent made a 15-mile journey in just three hours on its way to the ocean according to the US Geological Survey.

Authorities say that the current eruption doesn't pose a danger at this time.


View of fissure 3 on Mauna Loa spewing 80-plus feet into the Hawaiian sky


Hawaii Isalnd airports open, tourism authority says it's "still safe"

The initial eruption of Mauna Loa after nealy four decades prompted an "Ashfall Advisory" on Monday forcing the cancelation of 10 Southwest flights. However, the two main airports at Hilo and Kona remain open and flights were operating smoothly on Tuesday.

The tourism authority assures those traveling to Hawaii Island that it is "still safe and travelers shouldn't be worried." The eruption doesn't currently present any danger to populated areas.

However, Director Adam Weintraub of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency Communications recommends that travelers check for updates before setting off to catch your flight.


Update on Mauna Loa eruption activity from US Geological Survey

Mauna Loa now has four fissures spewing lava in the Northeast Rift Zone. Lava from numbers three and four are sending molten rock downslope to the north and northeast with the former supplying the bulk of material.


Different views of Mauna Loa eruption on Hawaii's Big Island


Manua Loa as the sun rises over Hawaii on Tuesday

The world's biggest volcano has ben putting on a show since Sunday night with three fissures shooting lava as high as 200 feet into the air.


Two new lava flows moving downslope from Mauna Loa

Presently lava from Mauna Loa, which began erupting half an hour before midnight on Sunday is not threatening any homes or neighborhoods. However, officials warn that the risk could change as the situation develops. But it will take at least a week for molten rock to reach populated areas. 


USGS Mauna Loa update

According to the experts tracking the situation in Hawaii, 'the opening phases of eruptions often see lots of seismicity as the stresses adjust to the dike emplacement.'

'As the eruption becomes more established, the seismicity settles (2018 provides a good example).


Mauna Loa’s eruption: what are the different volcanic alerts?

Do you know the various alert levels associated with volcanoes in the region? Did you know that the words come with an easy-to-understand color code?

Find out more here...


Volcanoes explained

Haven't you ever thought that In big blockbuster films, all volcanoes look the same? Huge pointed peaks that violently erupt, destroying everything in their path.

While some volcanoes do look like their Hollywood stand-ins, many others do not. In fact, they vary in size, lifespan, and even in the way they erupt.

PBS shares the hot knowledge you didn't know you needed.


Lava contained

Some more footage here of the Mauna Loa, as hope continues that the flow will be contained at the summitt.


More footage of lava erupting from volcano

What are the largest active volcanoes in the world?

The world’s largest active volcano, Mauna Loa in Hawaii, erupted, piquing interest in other sites that could see a similar fate.

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Popocatépetl in Mexico take second and third place for the largest active volcanos. Still, they do not come close to Mauna Loa, which reaches 9,170 meters, with the next two not surpassing 6,000 meters.

While Kilimanjaro is active, it has not seen an eruption in over 360,000 years. Currently, volcanologists believe that Kilimanjaro could erupt, but the possibility exists that the mountain could collapse in on itself if activity picked up under the surface.


Mauna Loa lava flow moving downhill to north

Lava flows generally flow either to the north along the Northeast Rift or south along the Southwest Rift. Although volcanologists had raised the alert of an eruption after detecting shallow rumblings as magma reservoirs beneath the summit and upper Southwest Rift Zone the lava flow is heading downslope to the north.

Mauna Loa volcano erupts in Hawaii: How to protect yourself against volcanic ash

The United States Geological Society (USGS) has information related to protection from ash inhalation if the lava continues to spread. The key message is to stay indoors as long as possible, especially for those people who are most vulnerable. This includes children and infants, older people and those with existing lung or heart disease.


Reuters video footage shows Mauna Loa volcano eruption in Hawaii

Reuters released footage that shows the lava traveling quickly.


Aerial view of Mauna Loa eruption

Mauna Loa came to life again Sunday night half and hour before midnight for the first time since 1984. Three vents on the Northeast Rift Zone are ejecting lava.


Preliminary map of eruption activity from three fissures on Mauna Loa

The US Geological Survey has provided a preliminary map of the three fissures on Mauna Loa ejecting lava since late Sunday.


Welcome to AS USA's coverage of the Mauna Loa eruption in Hawai'i.

On Sunday night, news broke of an eruption at the world’s largest active volcano, Mauna Loa in Hawai'i. Follow developments here.