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Will there be more public hearings about the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol building? When?

Next week the Select House Committee on January 6th will host three more hearings where findings from the investigation will be released to the public. Here’s how to watch.

Next week the Select House Committee on January 6th will host three more hearings where more findings from the group’s investigation will be released to the public.  Here’s how to watch.

The committee has scheduled seven hearings, including Thursday’s aired in primetime. Each of the remaining events will cover different aspects of the Congressional investigation.

The Committee has released the dates and times for the following three hearings that will be held next week:

  • Monday 13 June at 10 AM ET
  • Wednesday 15 June at 10 AM ET
  • Thursday 16 June at 1 PM ET. 

During her opening remarks during the first hearing, Select House Committee on January 6th Vice-Chair Liz Cheney, outlined what viewers can expect to learn over the coming weeks.

“Over multiple months, Donald Trump oversaw and coordinated a sophisticated seven-part plan to overturn the presidential election and prevent the transfer of presidential power. In our hearings, you will see evidence of each element of this plan,” said Con. Cheney from the dais.

The first hearing focused on the experience of law enforcement durning the attack on the Capitol and featured some testimony from members of the Trump Administration. The second will dive deeper into the events leading up to the attack on January 6th. The Con. Cheney stated that Donald Trump and his inner circle were well aware that they had lost the 2020 election but “engaged in a massive effort to spread false and fraudulent information – to convince huge portions of the U.S. population that fraud had stolen the election from him.”

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The investigators have spent more than a year combing over images from January 6th and social media posts leading up to the event. After looking into the evidence, the committee has concluded that the events that unfolded were far more calculated than many had initially thought.

Third hearing: Trouble at the Department of Justice

During the third hearing, scheduled for Wednesday, 15 June, the Committee plans to uncover President Trump’s plan “to replace the Attorney General of the United States so the U.S. Justice Department would spread his false stolen election claims.”

Former Attorney General Bill Barr was interviewed by the Committee and explained that he was unwilling to push the former-president “bullshit” narrative that the election was stolen. Barr resigned from his post on 23 December 2020, just a few weeks before the attack on the Capitol occurred. With Barr out of the way, Donald Trump began to put more pressure on the Department of Justice officials to ‘Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican Congressmen.’ Trump had hoped that Republican Members of Congress would vote against the certification of the election results, which would kick the decision to state legislatures who the former president believed would be more likely to vote in his favor.

Fourth hearing: Mike Pence rejects orders from Donald Trump

Con. Cheney also provided a brief overview of what can be expected from the fourth hearing, which will be held on Wednesday, 15 June.

“In our fourth hearing, we will focus on President Trump’s efforts to pressure Vice President Mike Pence to refuse to count electoral votes on January 6th. Vice President Pence has spoken publicly about this.”

Mike Pence has spoken out against what President Trump asked of him on that fateful day. The rhetoric used by the President to describe his vice president made Pence a target of mob violence. Just outside the Capitol, where the vice president had been providing over the election certification, rioters were chanting, “hang Mike Pence!

On Thursday, Cheney said that when Trump was confronted with information that these chants were being yelled he responded that they “might have the right idea.”

Fifth hearing: Donald Trump wanted to send the certification to state legislatures

The final hearing to be held next week will take viewers through the pressure the former president placed on state legislatures to prepare them for the possibility that they may vote to overturn the election results. The committee has said that they will spend a sizable portion of the hearing focused on the calls to Georgia officials where the president urged “them to ‘find’ 11,780 voted – votes that did not exist, and his efforts to get states to rescind certified electoral slates without factual basis and contrary to law.”

The final two hearings will take place in June but the dates have not been finalized. After more than twenty million people tuned in to watch the primetime event, many committee members are hopeful that interest will be sustained.