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Zenless Zone Zero is the new game from HoYoVerse, Genshin Impact creators

We receive the first details and see the trailer of Zenless Zone Zero, the new game from HoYoVerse, the creators of Genshin Impact and others.

Zenless Zone Zero is the new game from HoYoVerse, Genshin Impact creators

HoYoVerse, previously known as miHoYo, continue to expand their gaming landscape beyond the successful Genshin Impact and Honkai series. With the development of the Nintendo Switch version and the 2.7 update of Genshin on their hands, in addition to the development of the new Honkai: Star Rail, it is clear that the Chinese development team has several divisions to dedicate to all their projects. They have recently presented a new one, called Zenless Zone Zero and whose first trailer you can enjoy below these lines. But what do we know so far about this new title? We tell you.

What do we know about ZZZ: Zenless Zone Zero?

"Dear citizens, the sub-Hollow disaster that occurred in the district you are traveling to has been contained. Thank you for your cooperation these past days. Your application to enter the city has been approved. Please enjoy your tour!", they comment in the game's official description, referring to a post they published on the game's official social media to summon the community of fans to the first official announcement of the work.

With a cyberpunk and anime look, the trailer we have in our hands reminds us of titles like Scarlett Nexus or Astral Chain for its atmosphere and graphic style. We can meet the first characters of ZZZ, with an anime-style design characteristic of the company. Colorful hair, manga salon attire and the occasional anthropomorphic animal await us in New Eridu, the futuristic city where the action takes place.

As for the gameplay, we have not been able to see it directly for now, but we have been able to see it in a cinematic, to understand that we will control several characters and each of them will have their own characteristic abilities.

How to access the test of Zenless Zone Zero

In the absence of exact dates for a possible beta of the game, what they propose from HoYoVerse is that players interested in trying ZZZ fill out a form available through the official website in which those interested will have the opportunity "to obtain a qualification test". We will keep you informed with any news of this promising Zenless Zone Zero, but anyone interested should register to have a chance to try the game as soon as possible.