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Kojima explains why he partnered with Xbox for his next game: “they really seemed to think I was mad”

The Death Stranding director reveals that he brought his ideas to other companies, but only Microsoft understood the proposal and what it entailed.

Kojima explains why he partnered with Xbox for his next game: “they really seemed to think I was mad”

Microsoft seems to have been the only company who aided Hideo Kojima when the developer brought them the idea for his next video game. This is why both Xbox and Kojima Productions signed a collaboration agreement, which will result in an entirely new Intellectual property.

According to Kojima, the title he’s making has been in his head for a couple of years. Something so complex and demanding that even when he had conversations with other publishers, Microsoft was the only one that understood what he needed and agreed to do the project.

He added: “The project we're working on with Microsoft is one I have been thinking about for five or six years already. The project required infrastructure that was never needed before, so I discussed it with lots of different big companies and gave presentations, but they really seemed to think that I was mad. It was ultimately Microsoft who showed that they understood, and now we're working together on the project, including the technology front”.

“I tend to get easily bored. Part of why I've been able to make games for 30 years is because new technology replaces the old so quickly. The tech you use today may not be applicable tomorrow, and I'm interested in figuring out ways to incorporate the new. Making the wrong choice can result in failure, of course. It's a bit like a space program in that way.”

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When will we have new information?

Apart from the Overdose leak, this new Kojima project is still a huge unknown. There are absolutely no details about what the game is about. Kojima Productions did acknowledge that they’re making use of cloud technology to materialize their ideas, but as for how long it will take, there’s still no dates for now. But it seems like 2023 is when we’ll get more information.

Kojima Productions revealed the first trailer of Death Stranding 2 during The Game Awards 2022, a sequel to the studio’s first title which will see the return of several characters from the original games, including Sam Porter Bridges (Norman Reedus) and Fragile (Léa Seydoux).

Source | IGN