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Kadabra returns to the Pokémon Trading Card Game, and Uri Geller apologizes

Due to a legal dispute between The Pokémon Company and illusionist Uri Geller, the Kadabra Card has not been produced since 2002.


The Kadabra card will soon be back in print in the popular Pokémon Trading Card Game. This was announced by Uri Geller himself, who was involved in a lawsuit with The Pokémon Company in 2002.

Uri Geller to allow The Pokémon Company to reprint Kadabra cards: "Forgive me"

Last Wednesday, January 25, illusionist Uri Geller posted a video on his Twitter account stating that on June 16, 2023, The Pokémon Company will release the first Kadabra card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game since a 2002 lawsuit in Geller's favor prevented the Japanese company from printing cards of the creature.

The legal problems arose because Kadabra's characters can be transliterated into Japanese as "yungeller," a name suspiciously similar to that of Uri Geller. Add to this the fact that Kadabra has always been depicted with a spoon that he can bend with the power of his mind, and we have a more than obvious reference to the British-Israeli illusionist, who was not amused. Geller already apologized for this in 2020 through another post on his personal Twitter account.

In short, as of June 16, 2023, according to Uri Geller himself, The Pokémon Company will once again be able to print cards for the Pokémon Trading Card Game featuring Kadabra. This will undoubtedly make fans of both the trading card game and the franchise happy. The first generation of Pokémon is home to some of the franchise's most iconic creatures, so Kadabra's return is welcome news.

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Source | Uri Geller’s Twitter