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Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super: everything you need to know about the collaboration

Epic Games has announced a collaboration between Dragon Ball Super and Fortnite. We’ll tell you all of the details we know so far.

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super: everything you need to know about the collaboration

Fortnite simply will not stop. Epic Games has just announced that they’re about to release a new collaboration, this time with Dragon Ball Super, which will take place during the first season of Fortnite Chapter 4. However, we still don’t know exactly what it will entail. Below you’ll find everything we know and what this new teaser could mean.

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super

On Monday January 30, 2023, Epic Games posted the following teaser for a Fortnite xDragon Ball Super crossover in the official Fortnite account on Twitter:

In the tweet you can see what appears to be a date (1.31.2023) and a ship belonging to the Red Ribbon Army, a criminal organization that has been a thorn in Goku and company’s side since the original Dragon Ball. However, apart from this we don’t really know many details more. We don’t know if this will simply be a Glider that’ll be part of a new set of outfits for Fortnite, or if the ship will actually be present during matches, just like Darth Vader appeared as a boss in the map in previous seasons.

The ship appears to be the same one that appeared in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, which is why fans are hoping to see new outfits for Piccolo and Gohan in the game. Perhaps, the other characters that we could see could be Cell Max, Gamma 2, or Android 18 (given that every time there’s a crossover there tend to be three male characters and one female character).

The first Dragon Ball Super crossover came to Fortnite back in 2022, bringing with it a thematic event as well as outfits for Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Beerus. It’s highly possible that this specific collaboration brings new outfits and accessories as well as whatever else they have planned.

In any case, the new Dragon Ball Super collaboration in Fortnite will arrive with patch 23.30. It’s expected that the game will go into server maintenance around midnight tonight. Once the servers come back online, you’ll have to update Fortnite in your platform of choice.

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