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How long is Atomic Heart? The game reveals its length, difficulty modes, number of weapons, and dialog option

The game director confirms how long the story will take to complete, to reach 100%, and reveals the number of weapons that will be available.

How long is Atomic Heart? The game reveals its length, difficulty modes, number of weapons, and dialog option

Atomic Heart is looking so good that many have stopped seeing it as a possible surprise of the year candidate and are now seeing it as a GOTY contender. Baptized as the "Russian BioShock," the shooter continues to impress with each trailer, and there are only a few weeks left until its release and arrival on Game Pass. Scheduled for February 22, 2023, its creators no longer have anything to hide and have had no qualms about answering any questions in their recent interviews, in which they have touched on topics such as duration:

"To complete the main story campaign, players will need to spend approximately 20-25 hours," acknowledged Robert Bagratuni, the game's director. "But since the world of Atomic Heart is quite huge and filled with various activities, the full completion will take much longer. Indeed, it is difficult to give the exact number, however, I can assume that the very completion of the game may take the player about 35-40 hours."

Bagratuni did not stop there. The director has also confirmed that there will be 3 difficulty modes, that we can expect dialog options (although they will have no weight in the story, they will allow us to learn more about the world of Atomic Heart) and he has even confessed the number of weapons we will have. "There will be 12 types of weapons in total, and for each of them there are several various types of upgrades and multiple skill branches. To be able to upgrade your arsenal, you will need to collect components by searching every piece of furniture, equipment, and corpses around. You will have an opportunity to create bullets, add elementary effects to them, and create other things as well.”

If we add to that the need to use first aid kits, the existence of vehicles to explore with, or that it has final bosses with many more patterns than usual in the medium, Atomic Heart can't look any better. We will see if it lives up to our high expectations on February 22nd.

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