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Nintendo Switch is exploring “uncharted territory”, but a price drop is not being considered

President Furukawa admits it won’t be easy to keep console sales at the same pace they have until now, but thinks there’s still business opportunities.

Nintendo Switch is exploring “uncharted territory”, but a price drop is not being considered

Nintendo has spent years stating that the Switch is currently at the middle of its life cycle, but the passing of time is inevitable and in the end all products end up reaching their final moments. But the time to bury the old hybrid console is not here yet. In fact, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa reflected about it during a Q&A session with the company’s investors, reported by VGC. The company plans to keep exploiting the Switch, but there’s no mention of any plans to lower the device’s price.

We believe that we are now entering uncharted territory within our dedicated game console business,” Furukawa said. “Within this environment, it will not be easy to sell hardware at the same pace as before. As a result, we realise that our new challenge will be convincing consumers who are considering new purchases, replacement purchases, or additional purchases to pick up the Nintendo Switch.”

Furukawa shared his vision and showed conviction about opening up new opportunities for their clients to purchase their products. With this in mind, they’re planning on offering new and classic games. He also believes that continuing the Switche’s life cycle will allow them to launch additional software in the future.

There will be no change in price… for now

Will the Switch have a price drop? The company’s president doesn’t seem to be going in that direction. “We have done our best to maintain both its value and price of hardware and software in our long term business strategy. We do not believe that any changes to this policy are necessary at this stage.”

During February 8’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealed Metroid Prime Remastered, now available digitally with a physical launch coming soon. We were also shown a new trailer for the highly anticipated sequel, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, as well as a reveal of its Collector’s Edition. You can read about everything announced during the presentation in this summary.

Source | VGC

Nintendo Switch is exploring “uncharted territory”, but a price drop is not being considered
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