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Counter-Strike 2 might have a playable beta really soon

The Counter-Strike 2 rumors are piling up, and now they point towards Valve announcing a date for a playable beta of the game before the month is over.

Counter-Strike 2 might have a playable beta really soon

23 years have passed, almost a quarter of a century, since Counter-Strike was released, back in November of 2000. Since then, fans have spent countless hours playing.. Dozens of expansions and derived products (Condition Zero, Source, Neo, Online, Global Offensive, Nexon: Zombies, etc.). But Counter-Strike 2 is seemingly ready to go.

Richard Lewis, a renowned journalist who has spent many years covering Counter-Strike news, has confessed that there are several sources that assure him that Counter Strike 2 is "very real" and that “it’s just around the corner”. So much so that he even believes that Valve will announce the date of its beta this same March. The game would have been a priority for the developer for a long time and they would already be polishing its performance and fixing bugs.

Made in Source 2, it would come with an obvious graphical improvement and changes to matchmaking that would correct the need to use as many plugins as the original requires today. And to add fuel to the matter, the latest Nvidia driver update comes with support for applications with the names “csgos2.exe” and cs2.exe”, which seem the most definitive clue of all.

Is there an earthquake of a shakeup in the online shooter genre coming? A new hit on the Valve table?


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