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Creed actor Michael B. Jordan recommends 5 must-see anime works

The famous actor of the boxing saga Creed admits that anime is a great source of inspiration for his movies and shares his five favorite series.

Creed actor Michael B. Jordan recommends 5 must-see anime works

Michael B. Jordan, the famous actor who stars in the boxing saga Creed - in turn spawned from the mythical Rocky - has recently released the third installment, a film that, according to him, is strongly inspired by anime. This installment even includes some references to popular works such as Dragon Ball or Naruto, drawing from these several concepts related to face-to-face confrontations between antagonists. And if you’re thinking about diving into the vast universe of Japanese animation, Michael B. Jordan himself recommends up to five anime you can’t miss. He said this in a recent interview with BBC Radio to promote Creed 3; pay attention, because the list is not to be missed.

Michael B. Jordan shares his 5 favorite animes

According to Michael B. Jordan, anime was an essential source of inspiration for Creed 3, from the shots to the rhythm of the fights, as well as the drama of some scenes and the tension between the antagonists. And the actor himself mentions up to 5 essential works that every fan of Japanese animation should see, and that is no small thing. When asked which series he would recommend to a person who has never seen anime, Michael B. Jordan shares his top 5:

  • One Piece
  • Dragon Ball
  • Naruto
  • Bleach
  • Hunter x Hunter

These are Michael B. Jordan's five favorite anime, and those that the actor himself recommends to any newcomer in the field, starting at minute 3:10 of the video you can see above these lines. Of course, these are five classics, some older than others, that have managed to transcend their own medium and become icons of popular culture, most notably Dragon Ball, One Piece and Naruto.

However, if we want to get started on any of these series, we will need to invest a considerable amount of time, as we have several hundred episodes ahead of us; for each of the series.

Source | BBC Radio


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