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The good times are over: Microsoft ends Xbox Game Pass offer for $1

Microsoft is pulling the 1-month Xbox Game Pass for $1 promotion for new subscribers to the service, but is already considering other marketing promotions.

The good times are over: Microsoft ends Xbox Game Pass offer for $1

Microsoft has confirmed that they will soon stop offering the promotion through which we could try 1 month of Xbox Game Pass for just one dollar. The offer, which has been available since the launch of the service in the summer of 2017, is coming to an end to make way for new formulas of momentum and distribution. This is what Kari Perez, head of communications at Xbox, told The Verge:

“We have stopped our previous introductory offer for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass and are evaluating different marketing promotions for new members in the future.”

How much does Xbox Game Pass cost now?

Without this promotion, the Xbox Game Pass price for everyone (newbie and veteran) is as follows:

Remember that it is also possible to get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free thanks to Microsoft Rewards by playing certain Xbox games, using the Edge browser and/or the Bing search engine.

The future of Xbox Game Pass, family plan on the horizon

Our eyes are now on the "Friends & Family plan for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate," a promotion that allows you to share a subscription with 5 friends for $22. The offer is currently available in 6 countries, Chile, Hungary, Israel, New Zealand, South Africa, and Sweden, but it is expected to eventually reach the rest of the world, just as services like Spotify's family plan have done. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it doesn't take long.

Source | The Verge


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