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Hades 2 sets its Early Access period for 2024, hoping to repeat the original’s success

Supergiant Games’ first-ever sequel, Hades 2, will be available as an Early Access game much sooner than expected.

Hades 2

One of the greatest indie hits of recent years is ready to receive its sequel, but we will still have to wait a while, probably too long, for a full release. Supergiant Games, developers of Hades 2, have confirmed that early access of the game will arrive on Steam and Epic Games Store during the next year, specifically, they place it in the second quarter, that is, between April and June 2024.

It took us a while to learn more about the game since it was announced back in December 2022. As announced by the studio itself, the roadmap will be similar to that followed by the original game, which also arrived via Early Access. Following its launch in this format, Supergiant Games will release “big updates” according to the feedback of its players and will introduce important additions to the story and the characters as well as the gameplay.

Hades 2
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How long will it be in early access?

In case the wait seems short, we must bear in mind that Hades, the first installment, spent no less than two years in early access before its final release, although it is true that it was really worth it. In fact, Supergiant assured that this decision had been made before “literally anything else about it, such as the Underworld setting.” Hades 2 will follow the same path, as well as having “at least as much content from day one in Early Access as the original game did back when it launched in Early Access on Steam.”

As we could see in the presentation trailer, this time the protagonist will be Melinoe, the princess of the Underworld according to Greek mythology, whose adventure is the search for the Titan of Time, and gameplay will be similar to the original, although this should not be something to regret, given the quality of the first installment. Top-down view, fast-paced action, roguelite format, various builds... Hades 2 promises to be a time-sink game.