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Immortals of Aveum, a game born from the passion of artists

We visited Ascendant Studios to learn about a title created by a team of creatives who bet on their dreams.

Immortals of Aveum, a game born from the passion of artists

Immortals of Aveum is the new game from Ascendant Studios, a studio full of experienced creatives who have bet on their dreams under the EA Originals label.

Thanks to an invitation from the publisher and the studio, we had the opportunity to go to San Rafael, California to get all the details and also play the title that will be released on July 20, 2023 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Before the presentation, we had the opportunity to watch a video in which Cristian Delgado, Senior PR Manager of EA Originals, gave a brief introduction:

  • Bret Robbins: CEO & director of the game, who was also a creative director on titles such as Dead Space, and Call of Duty.
  • Kevin Boyle: Executive Producer
  • Julia Lichblau: Associate Art Director
  • Dave Bogan: Senior Art Director

We had the opportunity to chat with them and you can also watch these interviews in our YouTube Channel.

A 5-year development

Something that is important to take into account is that Immortals of Aveum is a game that lived part of its development process during the pandemic, but thanks to this it changed part of its DNA, as the team had to evolve with international talent in order to survive. Something that also greatly characterizes the game is having people with a lot of experience behind it, this new IP is full of daring proposals within the gameplay.

A Magic Call of Duty?

During the demo we had with the game, the first thing that stands out is the gameplay, which is intuitive, and it is even more so for people who are familiar with the Call of Duty franchise. Of course, in Immortals of Aveum there will be no helicopters, but there will be dragons, no bullets, but there will be magic, and the limitation of “reality” has been left aside, because in a magical world everything is possible.

Full screen

Jak’s strange world

This game will star a battlemage in an adventure that, according to the developers, should last at least 25 hours. The world where the story unfolds is Aveum, a place where there is a conflict for the control of magic and where “The Hand” will be our main antagonist.

Part of the essence of this new proposal are three pillars:

  • Being the best battlemage
  • Master magic and unleash the arsenal of spells at our disposal.
  • And prevent the world from falling into the abyss.
Full screen

With this in mind, we should be aware of the 3 types of magic available:

  • Blue: accurate ranged shots
  • Red: shotgun-type shots
  • Green: Fast medium range ammo

We will also have dodging techniques, double jumps, and other skills that we will unlock as we progress, such as a kind of whip that will allow us to drag our enemies, a shield that will protect us from magical attacks, and a special explosion that will help us when we are in trouble. With all this, it will depend on us to know how to choose the type of magic and technique to use to defeat the enemies, since some of them will also have shields or elemental abilities that can complicate our existence.

Something that will not be missing are encounters with giant enemies, for example, during the demo we had, we fought against a dragon that was not entirely easy and at times made us feel in a “soul like”.

Some of the resources we use to improve our character can be found in chests or with the experience we gain in combat.

Another point that caught our attention is the talent tree, which is not only easy to understand, but also shows us in a clear way how our character will evolve, and the interface to change our clothes or arsenal is simple and colorful.

Full screen

What kind of worlds await us in Immortals of Aveum?

This new property has made it clear that the game will feature several areas that can be icy, in the air like Pandora from the Avatar movie, forests, caves, industrial areas, with lava and even a kind of limbo that reminds us of Control.

A bold proposal

One of the things we liked most about this new property is that it is based on magic, as it has allowed them to dispense weapons and even the cover systems we are used to in first-person shooters. In addition, the game will come with raytracing, DLSS, and FSR, while the team has promised that there will be no monetization in the game.

Now we just have to wait for its arrival, because something we could notice is that with the little we have seen of the story and the interviews we have had with the developers, the story and the narrative will give a lot to talk about.


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