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Oppenheimer and Barbie: when to stream and on which platforms to watch

Two great movies that eventually will come to streaming platforms.

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Barbie and Oppenheimer stormed the global box office this summer, becoming a phenomenon not seen since before the pandemic. Two of the biggest releases of the year have met and exceeded all expectations for the phenomenon known as Barbenheimer. More than $2 billion between the two films, and the certainty that their release on streaming platforms will continue the success achieved in theaters around the world.

When are Barbie and Oppenheimer coming to streaming platforms?

The question on many people’s minds is when will Barbie and Oppenheimer be available on streaming platforms? The case is different for each tape, so let’s start with Barbie, which will be available on HBO Max this coming fall. There is no exact date yet, but fall starts at the end of September and ends at the end of December, so it will be available in our homes sometime during that time of year. Given Barbie’s success in theaters, it’s likely that it will have many more weeks in theaters around the world.

On the other hand, it is less clear where and when Oppenheimer will be available for viewing.  The window of theatrical exclusivity that Christopher Nolan requested from Universal ranged from 100 to 130 days, so its appearance on streaming platforms would be October 29 at the earliest, or November 28 if it was 130 days. In addition, before appearing in streaming, it could be available in digital rental format. As for streaming, in the United States, it will most likely be available on Peacock, which is owned by NBCUniversal.