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Payday 3: Matchmaking has finally been fixed, ahead of first big update

After a few weeks of chaos, Payday 3 has finally fixed its biggest initial issues and is getting ready for its first big update.

Payday 3 Avance hands on PC PS5 Xbox Series

Good news for Payday 3 players! Starbreeze Studios has revealed that finally, after a couple of chaotic weeks since launch, the matchmaking issues that had kept heisters from getting into the game and actually playing have been fixed.

This took several scheduled maintenance periods that happened last week, but now the matchmaking services in the game have been stable enough to support an influx of new players. The developers even announced that the game has managed to reach 124,254 concurrent players at its peak, with over 3 million unique players joining the game during the month of September despite the title’s issues.

The future of Payday 3 begins soon

Not content with simply fixing the servers, Starbreeze also revealed that they are now in full production mode, so to speak, as in early October they plan to release the first title update for Payday 3. This update will “focus on improving the game experience”, and the announcement mentions it’ll include over 200 Quality of Life improvements on all platforms, as well as bug fixes and new functionality.

After the first update, two more are planned for the rest of the year later in October and November. These two will include more QoL improvements, while also adding new free content to the game. All of this ahead of the release of the first previously announced paid DLC, “Syntax Error”. While this is included in both the Silver and Gold Editions of the title, it’ll be available for purchase separately and will include one extra heist as well as other additions to the game.

Payday 3 is currently available on PC through Steam and the Epic Game Store, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X. Check out our full review right here.