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Star Wars

‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’: what is the Great Hyperspace Disaster mentioned in episode 7?

The High Republic lived through many years of instability and war because of Nihil, a highly organized space pirate group.

Star Wars The Acolyte

The High Republic is often defined as a time of peace and prosperity. However, it was also a source of constant conflict. ‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’, the new Disney+ series, takes place in the last years of this era, when the Jedi Order is already beginning to show symptoms of vulnerability. In episode 7, now available on the streaming platform, explicit mention is made of the Great Hyperspace Disaster, an attack that changed the course of events forever. What exactly was it?

The series does not delve into or explain the context of this event, which served to begin this new era of ‘Star Wars’. The novel ‘Light of the Jedi’, by Charles Soule, begins with the journey of the ship Legacy Run through hyperspace (232 years before the destruction of the first Death Star). Nothing suggests what is about to happen, but an organized group of space pirates known as the Nihil have carefully prepared an attack that will put the Galactic Republic in check. Their mysterious leader, Marchion Ro, knows hyperspace routes unknown to everyone else, so he is able to appear suddenly without anyone anticipating it.

Marchion Ro, Star Wars
Full screen
Marchion Ro, líder los Nihil.

Chaos breaks out in the Galaxy

The Nihil crossed the path of the Legacy Run and mounted an orchestrated attack that destroyed it to pieces, so that when its remains left hyperspace they wreaked havoc: the moons of the Trymant system became dangerous projectiles that threatened the very survival of the people of the Hertzal system.. As a result, the Republic had to carry out the largest evacuation campaign in the history of the Galaxy.

The Great Hyperspace Disaster was the beginning of a series of terrorist attacks that put the Republic and the Jedi Order in serious trouble. After all, the Nihil were not typical space pirates, but a group with a well-defined agenda: the destruction of the established order. Its origin and history develop in the three phases of novels and comics of the saga.

‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ will close its first (and so far only) season on Wednesday, July 17 on Disney+.

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