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Super Mario Bros. Wonder takes us to another world in its Nintendo Direct

In just 15 minutes, Nintendo presented what will be one of its bets for the end of the year with new features and lots of colors.

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This morning, Nintendo gave us a preview of all the features of its new release, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, in which our favorite plumber and the rest of the beloved characters of the Mushroom Kingdom venture to a whole new place, the Flower Kingdom.

All the new features in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

In just 15 minutes, Nintendo was responsible for presenting details of the story, power-ups, characters, enemies, courses and even a multiplayer mode.

Among the highlights of this presentation, we will be able to use Mario, Luigi, Peach and Daisy as the main characters, while Yoshi and Nabbit will also be playable, but with mechanics that make the game easier.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder
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Among the power-ups, we will have more options to choose from. While the classic Fire Flower will return and the previously shown Elephant Transformation showed its true potential, the game will also allow us to shoot bubbles to trap enemies or even use them as platforms to jump higher, or a Driller Helmet that will protect us from enemies falling on us and allow us to go underground.

In addition to power-ups, as you progress through the game you will earn badges that give you new abilities, such as the ability to grab and jump from walls, get more coins, swim faster, or use sonar to find hidden items.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder
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Another highlight was the multiplayer modes. While the Super Mario Bros. series has given us local multiplayer experiences in the past, we will now have a greater experience with online multiplayer, where we will be able to play with friends in the same room. But that’s not all, because if you’re playing alone but you’re online, you’ll see other players enjoying the game both on the world map and in each of the courses, even leaving standees that can help revive the player.

A new special edition for the Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Bros. Wonder wasn’t the only thing unveiled this morning, as Nintendo also showed off the Nintendo Switch OLED Mario Red Edition. This special version of the Nintendo Switch OLED not only comes in the signature color, but also features several Super Mario Easter eggs in its dock. This Nintendo Switch will be available on October 6th.

nintendo switch oled rojo edicion mario
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Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be available exclusively for Nintendo Switch on October 20, 2023.