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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players have a new obsession: torturing Koroks

“No, I’m not taking you to your friend.”

Korok Tears of the Kingdom

With Tears of the Kingdom becoming one of the most expansive and permissive sandbox simulators in video games as of yet, the creativity of every player expands without control. Breath of the Wild was already a game that never ceased to amaze, but with the sequel and its exponential increase in the tools at our disposal, things begin to drift in ways that Nintendo had not planned for sure. One of them, quite sinister, involves the new trend started by several players to start torturing Koroks, taking advantage of the fact that they are basically immortal and indestructible, in addition to being easily manipulated.

“He died for our sins”

After having made us suffer in Breath of the Wild making us look for them in all corners of Hyrule, now they have found a new way to torture us: forcing us to use our heads to solve some physical puzzles to bring them together with the friend they have separated from. Some players, tired of the demands and the fact that the Koroks seem to demand that we solve their mobility problems without lifting a finger, have begun to respond with violence. First, it was a player on Reddit showing a Korok crucified on Reddit, which caused a hilarious reaction among the players. As a result, we have started to see more and more new ways of torturing the creatures of the forest.

Shoot them with rockets, cook them as a skewer, launch them with a catapult, tie them to a rocket -with a phallic shape, of course-, burn them like witches, and other tricks that are scandalizing and amusing the fans in equal measure, are some of the things we are seeing. They’re all indestructible, so all of these attempts to torture them don’t seem to have much practical effect, but since they do complain, you can get some satisfaction out of it, enough to take sweet revenge for what they put us through.