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Who is Ash’s father in Pokemon? Theories and what do we know about him

The Pokémon world is full of mysteries, but for the past 26 years, it seems that the biggest one has been revolving around the former anime’s protagonist.

Who is Ash’s father in Pokemon? Theories and what do we know about him

The Pokémon anime came to an end a few weeks ago, bringing Ash’s adventure to a conclusion that taught us what it means to be a Pokémon Master. And while these episodes said goodbye to many of the characters who accompanied Ash on his adventure, both human and Pokémon, and said farewell to the greats of Team Rocket, one big mystery remained. Who is Mr. Ketchum, Ash’s father?

Who is Ash’s Father?

To talk about Ash Ketchum’s father is to enter into a series of theories that have haunted schoolyards and Internet forums for more than 26 years. Although he was mentioned in the show, we never had a moment where he and his son were able to live together, always seeing or receiving messages from Ash’s mother, Deliah.

Aside from a very limited number of mentions (remember, there was a mention when Ash was able to pass through the Viridian Forest in the early episodes of the anime), we know almost nothing about this character. We know that he exists, that he’s alive, but that’s about it. Some of the wildest theories about this character over the years have been that he is Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket, or that he is Mr. Mime (the latter of which is clearly a joke). Ash’s father has been mentioned a few times in the series’ movies, but that’s as far as the character’s involvement has gone.

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Our closest encounter with Ash’s father

The closest we fans of the series got to meeting Ash’s father was in the last few episodes of the anime with Ash. In this episode, Ash returns to Pallet Town, where his mother had told him that his father was also in town, waiting to meet his son. However, as is often the case, Pikachu is kidnapped by Team Rocket and Ash has to go get him, delaying his return. When he finally arrives, his father has left, but not before leaving him a gift, a hat with the original design that Ash started his adventure with.

For now, a new anime has begun, with new protagonists, new Pokémon, and a new region. Maybe it’s time to stop waiting to meet Ash’s father.


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