Steam Deck: how to use Xbox Game Pass with Microsoft Edge

Thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming, it is already possible to enjoy many titles from Microsoft's service on Valve's new device. Here's how to try it out.

Steam Deck has just added a valuable feature for its users: the possibility to play Xbox Game Pass titles thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming's compatibility with Microsoft Edge. This option has been confirmed by a representative of the browser on Reddit, in addition to explaining how it works and all the steps to follow for those interested in trying it out. We've compiled the instructions and sorted out everything you need so you can try it out for yourselves. Below we tell you all the steps you need to follow and give more gaming options to your Steam Deck.

Xbox Game Pass on Steam Deck: steps to follow

  • Press the Steam menu > Power
  • Switch to Desktop and click the Discover Software Center icon
  • Click the hamburger menu (the icon with three horizontal lines) > Internet > Web Browsers
  • Scroll until you find Microsoft Edge Beta and install the browser
  • Go back on the Desktop
  • Click on the Applications Launcher icon (it is located in the lower left area of the taskbar.)
  • Navigate to Internet and Right-click on Microsoft Edge (beta) > Add to Steam
  • In the Add a Game window, select Microsoft Edge (beta)
  • Back in the Applications menu, navigate to System > Konsole
  • Set the override by entering the following command in Konsole:
  • flatpak --user override --filesystem=/run/udev:ro com.microsoft.Edge
  • Now, on the Desktop go and launch Steam and look for Microsoft Edge (beta) on your Library
  • Right-click on it > Properties and change the name to Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta)
  • Locate LAUNCH OPTIONS and append the following:
  • --window-size=1024,640 --force-device-scale-factor=1.25 --device-scale-factor=1.25 --kiosk "https://www.xbox.com/play"

And that's it! You can now run Xbox Game Pass on your Steam Deck. The new device continues to evolve and now allows you to install Windows and perform Dual Boot.

Source | Microsoft Edge; vía Reddit