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Return to Monkey Island is Ron Gilbert's new game; first trailer, details...

Ron Gilbert will return to the saga that catapulted him to fame. Return to Monkey Island will arrive sometime in 2022. No confirmed platforms.

Ron Gilbert confirms his next project: Return to Monkey Island. The popular franchise with the Lucasfilm Games label will return this 2022 as a sequel to Monkey Island 2. Devolver Digital will be in charge of editing it. You can see its first trailer below:

Return to Monkey Island is designed and scripted by Rob Gilbert and Dave Grossman. Michael Land, Peter Mccconnel and Clint Bajakian worked on the soundtrack. Dominic Armato will return as Guybrush Threepwood. Both Gilbert and Grossman have worked on it "during the last two years", that is to say, during the whole period of the pandemic. For now, the game does not yet have a specific date or platform.

Monkey Island 2, a "masterpiece" for MeriStation.

As we said, the few details shared by the publisher indicate that it will continue the conclusion of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, which achieved the highest rating from our colleagues in Spain. In their review from a few years ago, they mention that "Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge is not only a worthy continuation, it is a benchmark in the world of video games". A whole succession of geniuses that start from its particular anti-copying system to the end of the credits. And if you haven't played it, savor it, don't use guides, enjoy this product of the 90's and crank up your speakers".

En 2013 era el propio Gilbert quien decía “have no plans” sobre otra entrega de la saga, aunque si lo haría tendría claro qué quiere lograr. “The game would be the game I wanted to make. I don't want the pressure of trying to make the game you want me to make. I would vanish for long periods of time. I would not constantly keep you up-to-date or be feeding the hype-machine. I'd show stuff that excited me or amused me. If you let me do those things, you will love the game. That, I promise.”

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